Little Angels Nappies (82) £10 reduced to £5 @ Asda

Little Angels Nappies (82) £10 reduced to £5 @ Asda

Found 2nd Feb 2011
First post - but I was in Asda Small Heath, B'ham today and they have boxes of Asda Little Angels Nappies (82) £10 reduced to £5. I could only see size 4 though.


they have 4+ in leigh wigan


i bought 5 today, didnt have any 4 or 4+ on the shelves-never used them before though but very good price

Are these shop soiled?

Bought these last week for the first time and unfortunately my daughter has taken an allergic reaction to them. I'm hoping ASDA will refund the unopened pack. They seemed like an OK nappy though but possibly not as stretchy as Pampers or Huggies

They recalled all the Little Angels Eco nappies last year & have still not reissued them due to many issues with cases of rashes & allergies due to some chemicals they were using in them - beware!
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