Little Big Planet 2 For PS3 - £24.99 Delivered @ Game
Little Big Planet 2 For PS3 - £24.99 Delivered @ Game

Little Big Planet 2 For PS3 - £24.99 Delivered @ Game

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SackBoy returns! After ploughing through his adventures in the original LittleBigPlanet, SackBoy comes under attack from a giant inter-dimensional vacuum cleaner and is sucked into Craftworld. With the help of Larry Da Vinci, head of the ‘Alliance’, you must find a way to defeat ‘The Negativitron”.
Those familiar with the original LittleBigPlanet will know that the main quest is just the tip of the iceberg. LittleBigPlanet 2 features a brand new set of robust tools, to design and create not only brand new levels, but different genres of games entirely, including RPGs, FPSs and even fast paced racing games.
With the backwards compatibility of LBP 1 content, there will already be over 2.5 million levels and pieces of content ready to download! The possibilities truly are endless.


and at Gamestation

EDIT 14.3: Still in stock at Gamestation for 24.99

EDIT 16.3: 27.99 now at Gamestation

EDIT 19.3 : 24.99 again this weekend at GAME. See original link


Love the way the preowned is a tenner more.

Amazing price for this, cheapest its ever been.

Pre-loved you mean (_;)

Great price +heat


Love the way the preowned is a tenner more.


Pre-loved you mean

Given how long it's been out I'd guess not.

I can't get onto their website.
Is anyone else having the same problem?

Thought this would've picked up quicker tbh, especially because of all the hype surrounding it.


I can't get onto their website.Is anyone else having the same problem?

Seems ok for me, as an alternative use gameplay.co.uk , same price as game (same company)

Nice. I actually didn't expect it to go down in price this quickly like LBP 1 did considering how much hype this one had. I think I'll wait until it hits £18.

Good deal but think i'll wait for the £18 too.

Very tempted, but i have so much to play at the min. Hoping it will be cheaper by the time I get around to playing it.

Heat added

Great price but I'm going to wait until it's sub £20, I've got far too many games to play at the moment

This is such a sucky game. I rented it from lovefilm, what a waste or a rental.

Dan666, did you play the first one?

wow tempted but have to many games on my shelf that i have not played yet

I wish I could just download this to PSN for this price, I don't consider this a full game and putting in a disc is a waste of energy.

if only this was on the xbox360

have the 1st on the psp and its superb

heard its coming on the iphone too

Roasting hot! Tried the demo and found it far more fun than LBP1. Been waiting for it at a decent price and this is - got it for £22.49 as I had £2.50 in reward points...result!

I might wait and hope Amazon price-match as I have £25 credit sitting in my account there!

Amazing price so soon

Thanks, ordered, love the RRP of £51.05!!

Great price heat added

same price at amazon

Excellent - been waiting for this to drop down from it's release price - Ordered.

Excellent. I've been waiting for this to come down to a more realistic price! Just ordered. Thanks.

Me too ordered at amazon tho. Raging hot deal!

Out of stock at Amazon, damn. I have £25 credit there so I'll just wait for them to restock rather than order @ Game

same price in gamestation aswel

Bought it as GF and I played the first regularly and thought it was brilliant. This second is just too busy. Too much going on, too many things to suck in your focus and game gives us both a headache. Such a shame. Great deal though, so after all that, still voted hot!

Price is upto £27.99 now, though still the cheapest than anywhere else.
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