Little Big Planet network pass free on PSN Store on Vita after doownloading the trial

Little Big Planet network pass free on PSN Store on Vita after doownloading the trial

Found 9th Dec 2012
***This is just for the Network Pass, not the full game***

Form the posts below it appears the network pass becomes free after you download (or start downloading) the trial.

If you go into the PSN store on Vita -> PS Vita Add-ons -> Little Big Planet Playstation Vita Special Edition -> LittleBigPlanet Playstation Vita Network Pass.

It's listed as free at the moment and I've just bought it. Hopefully this will help anyone else who may pick up LBP preowned in the future so they won't have to buy a pass then.
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Its the trial version. full version £29,99
So I went in and it wasnt free. So I hit download demo, it errored out as I dont have any space left, went back to the pass and it is now FREE! So basically it seems the system picks up the demo as the full game and gives you entitlement for the pass. Makes you wonder if this method will work with other titles with demos?

Great find have some heat
Lol I just did the same awesome! Have some heat
Thanks for posting.
Wow was in need of this aswell wasn't gonna pay £7.99 thats for sure.
unfortunately the same trick doesn't work for Wipeout 2048. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with the LBP demo.. and the network pass but it's interesting anyway.
Strange though that the NP doesn't show up in the Services list along where my other NP is showing only in the Download list.
didn't work for me
I think Sony have fixed the problem.
Indeed - have marked it as expired
was it really free cuz I wanna try that
plus I spent my 2nd ps card on my lbp3 costumes
and I don't have enough to pay that kind of money
please I hope it's free
can i have a network pass
Wow.... not even in the addons section, great
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