Little Britain (PS2) - Only £2.99 from Choices UK online - Save £17.00
Little Britain (PS2) - Only £2.99 from Choices UK online - Save £17.00

Little Britain (PS2) - Only £2.99 from Choices UK online - Save £17.00

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Free delivery on orders over £25. This is my second post and if I made any mistakes with my first post, then I have just made the same mistakes again.

Mini-games include:
Vicky Pollard - Playing truant from school, Vicky must navigate a course set up in the park, doing tricks and collect as many CDs as she can on the way round.
Lou and Andy - Set at the local swimming baths, Lou says he is going to find a lifeguard to help Andy into the water. Whilst his back is turned the player must guide Andy up to the Olympic diving board, dive into the pool and then get out and back into his wheelchair. All before Lou returns!
Majorie Dawes - Set in a supermarket, Majorie must run up and down the aisles guzzling chocolate biscuits whilst being chased by members of her Fat Fighters Club
Daffyd Thomas - Dressed in his trademark tight fitting outfit, Daffyd cycles down the Llandewi Breffi high street. As he goes he must pick up copies of "The Gay Times" and drive the other gays out of the village.


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Sorry, it's not the price, it's just that no one should have to play this game without being compensated.

there is a really good reason that this game is selling cheap you know,

Ah, but this is an investment then! Wait 6 months, or a year, then you'll get a mint at Game on a trade in! lol. (That all infers that they will still do ps2 games then, and that they don't go boobs up)
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