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Little Dragons Cafe limited edition PS4 £20.84 + £9.09 delivery  @ Play Asia
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Little Dragons Cafe limited edition PS4 £20.84 + £9.09 delivery @ Play Asia

£29.93£72.5359%Play-Asia Deals
Posted 15th Jul

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Community Updates
  • Raise your very own dragon! - Embrace your nurturing instincts and raise your own dragon! Through wise decisions, proper nutrition, and empathetic nurturing show the world the true potential of your dragon companion!
  • Create culinary masterpieces and run a successful café - Learn new recipes and master the art of cooking while running your café. Explore the world, discover new ingredients, and expand your menu (and your restaurant!) while catering to the whims of your customers
  • Farm the land and harvest nature’s bounty - The best dishes use the freshest ingredients, and the best way to insure that is to grow your own produce. Till the land and fish the rivers, and gather the most flavourful fixings for your signature dishes
  • Serve the townsfolk, make them happy! - Not only cook for the people in your town, but also help them with their problems to increase your popularity and the general happiness of everyone around you


It links to the PS4 version, Nintendo Switch version is £70+
You messed up completely lol. Add delivery and PS4.
Good price if you don't get stung by the import tax. Heat added.
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That escalated quickly
9 pound delivery, play asia are drunk
Lefty42016/07/2019 10:29

Japanese shipping rates are astronomical

they are usually like 500 yen, not like 1500 especially for a package like this, also play asia should charge free shipping considering how much they overcharge on products
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