Little Live Pets - Clever Keet  £10 @ Tesco direct

Little Live Pets - Clever Keet £10 @ Tesco direct

Found 20th Jan 2016
This was around £60 originally, has good reviews.

Cleverkeet is your feathered friend, just like a real bird only smarter
Give him a name, pet him & watch him come to life
He will repsond to your voice. Teach him to speak!

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Won't let me checkout, says not enough available
Out of stock
Original Poster
That was quick, I got one
They must have only one in stock
why do you need to be 12 to buy it?
Daughter just got this with her birthday money from Amazon for £20 but would of got another at this price for her sister so they don't have to argue!!
price gone up
Original Poster

price gone up

That's because it's a different sellar now as it's oos , i've hit expire but until a few more people do it stays posted as a deal.
never mind thanks any way
It's back in stock- I just ordered one!
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