Little Luca - (game) - Free on iOS

Little Luca - (game) - Free on iOS

Found 31st Aug 2017
Really fun little game that got 5/5 on Touch Arcade back in 2013... free for the first time


The stars are missing! Little Luca needs your help to collect them and restore the night sky.

Luca had a dream once - that the stars in the sky suddenly fell. The stars spread all over the world. Deep into the oceans, high up the hills and all across space. It's your job to get the stars back! Bounce on the wobbly hills, get thrown in the wind, launch from strange gravity wells and zap across the screen through mysterious portals. But most of all look out for the dangerous volcanoes in the deep oceans!

• Simple and skillful one touch controls (it's all about timing)
• 90 lovingly designed levels in 3 unique worlds.
• Amazing music with 5 different tracks (+ a hidden bonus track)
• Compare scores with the Game Center enabled leaderboards
• Buy now and get free updates with more levels, music and worlds
• Game Center achievements!

Design & Art: Björn Wissing
Design & Code: Rikard Wissing
Audio: Staffan Nilsson

"Little Luca is a charming, innovative and downright beautiful game – nay, piece of art – that no iOS user should be without."
- Karl Burnett, Touch Arcade
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Looks like Muscle Man and High Five Ghost from Regular Show.
Very strange that this is being voted cold. Sad.
Hot from me!
Tried to download this but as I'm on IOS 9 my Ipad is too old (Ipad 4) I hadn't upgraded to IOS 10 in case my old pad got laggy so for info, you need IOS 10
I think it must have been free before, because I found I have it on mt iPhone - and there's no way I would have paid for it.
And now Ive finally gone back to update my Ipad and now its not free anymore lol
showing at 99p, then there is the always free version.
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