Little Shop of Horrors (DVD) - £2.93 @ HMV

Little Shop of Horrors (DVD) - £2.93 @ HMV

Found 13th Mar 2011
In this dark but goofy and thoroughly fun musical, shy Seymour and bubbly Audrey don't recognize the romance blooming between them, but they do recognize the money-making potential of Seymour's weird plant, discovered after a total eclipse of the sun. Soon money pours in and Seymour becomes a minor celebrity, but behind the glamour and fame lies a secret Seymour can't reveal: this strange and unusual plant's favorite food is blood. As the plant grows taller and taller, its demands for food grow as well, and Seymour starts to suspect that the plant might have an agenda for world domination.

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best film eve, and best musical! maybe after lion king
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