Little tikes doctors set £5 @ asda

Little tikes doctors set £5 @ asda

Found 28th Apr 2014
Just picked this lovely little doctors kit up as a bday gift!
Only £5 great item comes with about 10 pieces inside great fun for kiddies wasn't priced up but scanned at £5 i think its a great bargain especially as little tikes toys tend to be good quality too!
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Heat added, fab price. I got it my little boy for Xmas for £7.99 & he loves it
Going to get this for my sis as a joke ... She's studying to become a real Dr. She can use this whilst she makes believe.

heat added
heat from me
Reminds me of the old Johnny joke:
Johnny's teacher calls his mum, and says she urgently needs to speak with her, as Johnny had been caught playing doctors and nurses with one of the girls in his class.
Johnny's mum says that she doesn't see what the problem is, since all kids play doctors and nurses.
The teacher says: "You don't understand. We caught him removing her appendix!"

I have this for my little boy. Iv just been in asda today and they have a matching tool set too which comes in a similar box. Not bad at all for £5
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