Little Tikes Half Price Playhouse £44.50  and Coupe Car £20 @ ASDA

Little Tikes Half Price Playhouse £44.50 and Coupe Car £20 @ ASDA

Found 26th Jul 2014Made hot 27th Jul 2014
Just picked up a Little tikes playhouse for £44.50, half price from £89 at my local Asda (Hamilton). Also had the coupe car for £20 from £40. They also had the playhouse half price in the Motherwell store so it may be nationwide, still full price online

They had one of each on shelf in hamilton but the guy went and got me one from the warehouse to take to my car, so looks like they still have stock


Not in mine. Just been and rang up the other day they said car was full grrr

Dunstable has the playhouse but it's still full price

Eileenjeffrey: Was the playhouse marked up as £44.50 or did it scan as that price?

marked at full price but scanned at £44.50, wish my local one had the cozy coupe too

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It was showing as 44.50 on the shelf

Can u send the bar code please?

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Barcode is 005074317290

Just checked at our local Asda in Langley Mill and were still scanning through at £89!
This isn't a National deal - I understand if the store has lots to clear they are reducing them, if they only have a few (which ours did -2) they aren't obliged to reduce them just yet x


Ringing round all the stores near me (greater manchester) all full price so far anyone find one round here let me know!

8 left in my loval.full price.

got the house for 60 in the may bank holiday, fab little house! well worth it! heat added

Asda Donnington (Telford) have them in the sale now at £48.50

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Also now seen at reduced price in Cumbernauld store :-)

Bought one in Llanelli Trostre this morning

Had a few left in llanelli at lunchtime

2 priced £53 at Asda Trafford Park today, I bought one and there was one left

They had a few of these playhouse in my local Asda. But how to get them home. Now way will in my Toyota Corolla. Unless the packaging is discarded off in store.

house in Grimsby

its huge.

Half a dozen or so of the playhouse's in Swindon, Wilts (Orbital) store today if anyone is looking for one in that area. And they were priced at £44.50.

This is available in the dartford store they had about 5 left
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