Little Tikes 'My First Slide' (blue) £14.99 (+£5 delivery) @ adventure toys BB

Little Tikes 'My First Slide' (blue) £14.99 (+£5 delivery) @ adventure toys BB

Found 30th May 2015
Little tikes my first slide - blue

In the BB section - brand new toy in a 'bad box' - damaged box but toy is in perfect condition. I've bought a few things from the BB section now and have never had any complaints

Hope this helps someone
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shame its £5 delivery
Seen one like this in use. The slide part was in a inflatable pool & the kids played on it all day long.
Heat for anything that promotes outdoor activity... we currently live in a block of flats and the outdoor activity is playing football against our door, inside the communal hallway...
Ordered thank you. Just what I needed.
there bb stock is excellent. its not damaged just as they say the outer box is sometimes battered. we don't live too far away and were able to buy several items and go through to collect. nice people to deal with.
I love this shop there's always some brilliant deals to be had and the fact that's it's a lovely little farm helps
Thanks, just bought one, all others I've seen are over £20
won't even let me on site keeps saying error 404
Can someone say what site this is on the link won't work for me.
Error 500 does this mean it's all sold out and I missed it
Got access but it states. Privacy error, attackers may be trying to steal you credit card information on this site. Decided not to risk it.
I live in scotland so I've never been to the farm but it sounds lovely. The link isn't working now, hopefully the website will be back up shortly
Won't let me in website at all
£21 on Debenhams website if anyone is still looking x
Fab price too gemmarowling
Can't get on the website
I can't get on the website can someone please post a link
Looks like the site has crashed.
just seen this on Amazon for £35
What is the Max age?
why not pick one up from home bargain. same price!!!
Many thanks-have just ordered one
Link is still working for me
Looks like the website is working again. I'm glad some of u have managed to get one
I've got this item. It is too small for even my a year and a half old child. The picture looked much bigger than I had thought. So, please check the size before you buy.
Got one of these not long ago for my 15mth old , he loves it and his big cousins still play on it aswell age 4. thought the size was okay
I like the idea that this is their first slide, as if from here on in it will be a regular progression of presumably ever-larger slides for the rest of their lives.

If only.
Out of stock
just ordered one. my two year old will love it
Yeah, back in stock! I've just ordered one myself.
My 5 year old still plays with his in the garden. He's too big for the slide, but he uses it now to slide his toys down!
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