Little Tykes Playhouse ONLY £65.00 @ Asda (INSTORE ONLY)

Little Tykes Playhouse ONLY £65.00 @ Asda (INSTORE ONLY)

Found 30th Apr 2015
Little Tykes Playhouse ONLY £65.00 (INSTORE ONLY)

This is an Asda exclusive

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe ONLY £32.00 (INSTORE ONLY)

(Please ring the store to check if they have them in stock. This may well save you a wasted journey)
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Be warned these are tiny, a friend bought one and child outgrew it in a few months :-(
and very cheap plastic not like normal little tikes
i got this for £50 in the black friday deals and im happy with it. its the same plastic as all the little tikes, and while its a little small, my 3 near 4 year old daughter still loves playing in it.
Not really sure why cold... What more do you want for £65 ok it may have been cheaper and perhaps likely to get reduced further at some point but I'm sure it bring hours of fun for my ickle one... Plastic is plastic thanks for ya post
Got this today, great price!
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