Littlewoods Clearance 50% off furinture (maybe other stuff?)

Littlewoods Clearance 50% off furinture (maybe other stuff?)

Found 2nd Feb 2007
Littlewoods Clearance is a chain of shops selling old stock etc from Littlewoods.
Littlewoods Clearance dosn't usually, in my opinion, have any great bargins. But at the moment (not sure when it started) they have a genuine sale of 50% off furniture and maybe other stuff.
The 50% is off the already reduced Clearance price.

We just picked up Solid oiled oak (Oslo range?) 160x90 for £60 (flat packed)
Littlewoods price £199 Clearance price £120

And 6 matching chairs (2 per pack) for £90

Total for Dinning table and 6 chairs £150

We were in the Pyle store and they had at least another 4 tables and various other pieces of furinture.

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