Littlewoods Spring Sale. Many items reduced

Littlewoods Spring Sale. Many items reduced

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Found 30th Apr 2008
Littlewoods are having a spring sale


nice one someone else that likes littlewoods. got some great bargains especially if used with a voucher code.

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Voted COLD, littlewoods = … Voted COLD, littlewoods = BAD.see

If you dont abuse the system, you will not have to deal with the repercussions.

I dont understand what peoples problem with Litlewoods, Marshallward and all that!!! As magic said, if you dont abuse it, you wont get a problem. I never had any problems with any of the codes i have used with littlewoods. And for that £25 code, i think they were within their rights to cancel the £25 code. And you cant just put the company in blacklist just because they have cancelled the code! you were happy with the previous dozen of codes you've used! Mistakes can happen...

I just love them specially when i can use the codes with the sale item. VOTED HOT HOT HOT
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