Livarno Lux LED Desk Lamp £19.99 @ lidl

Livarno Lux LED Desk Lamp £19.99 @ lidl

£19.99LIDL Deals
Found 11th Dec 2017
With a flexible lamp head, touch switch and 3 brightness levels to suit your needs
Displays time, date and temperature
Alarm clock with light and snooze functions
Includes power adaptor with USB cable and battery


Looks good just brought a similar one from Amazon otherwise would have gone for.this.

how to order this...

non changeable lamps. So let's hope they last a looooong time.

Bought one of these for HALF this price off Amazon. It lit or turned off with the slightest touch and sometimes when I'm sure I didn't touch it.
The strength of the light wasn't impressive either
I sent it back.

quite confused by the description and the pictures - does it have an internal battery or is it mains powered, and is the mains in an USB cable or does it have a usb port so you can charge phones etc. ?
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