LIVARNO LUX® LED Desk Lamp £6.99 Choice of 4 colours @ Lidl

LIVARNO LUX® LED Desk Lamp £6.99 Choice of 4 colours @ Lidl

Found 14th Oct 2014
German link here…376

This is in the 9-16th lidl booklet. Our local shop doesn't seem to stick to the dates and will actually keep things in later and bring the next items in after the start date too...

Specs are;

extendable based 22-34cm
output approx 3.6w
led lifetime 20000 hours

The module isn't replaceable, but for £6.99 this falls far below the price of other lamps. You could buy 2 and still be under the price of one, and this uses hardly any power, and looks good.

The lamp actually has a warm glow rather than the traditional white of an LED lamp, which I like. Good for bedside reading.

Maybe cheaper ebay deals can be found, but atleast this is from a reputable company, good quality and if it breaks you can go straight in for a refund.

Just to add, this will mathematically last over 2 years if kept on all the time. I'd say 6 years at a minimum.
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