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Quark yogurt giveaway (Liverpool station London)
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Posted 29th Mar 2018Posted 29th Mar 2018LocalLocal
Quark yogurt giveaway (Liverpool station London)
They are handing out free yogurts to everyone
4 Free Danio Yoghurts register with Danio to receive a voucher for £2!!
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Posted 25th Jan 2015Posted 25th Jan 2015
4 Free Danio Yoghurts register with Danio to receive a voucher for £2!!
Had an email from Money.co.uk... Get 4 Free Danio Yoghurts. How Register with Danio to receive a voucher for £2 as a welcome new registrant!! This then can be used towards purch… Read more
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Should be in Voucher?


yogurt is expected to be cold, but could be heated...


its flipping COLD in here...




Comment think I might have said most of this already ;-)

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Posted 20th Nov 2014Posted 20th Nov 2014
Register for Danone and get your free Danone coupon. There are always great deals on for Danone products so you might end up getting a pack of yogurt for free! Lovely stuff.

What! All Danone yoghurts? Just a note as well that if you sign up for this you generally get a £1 voucher every month via email, so worth signing up with a few email addresses.


I got this last time but it tasted so bad I gave it to the dog!


Lol I'm not sure don't worry about it I'm sure mods will move it when they realise ;)


Didnt realise. How do i move it to vouchers?


Should be in vouchers section?

Free Danio Yoghurt - Voucher
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Posted 11th Nov 2014Posted 11th Nov 2014
Free Danio Yoghurt - Voucher
Can be redeemed at any supermarkets that accept the coupon. NB I have had problems at Tesco before. Coupon is per e-mail address, so of course you will be able to get more than on… Read more

ran out:(




Just tried...all gone




Thanks OP. got 1 free today + 35p off shopping.

** UNLIMITED ** Activia Yogurt for FREE @ Asda
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Posted 19th Sep 2014Posted 19th Sep 2014
** UNLIMITED ** Activia Yogurt for FREE @ Asda
Sign-up via the link above and select the '£1 off your next Activia purchase'. A link will then be sent to your email address for you to print out the voucher. Take it to Asda w… Read more

Never had a problem with Asda and vouchers before, but I'm glad you got you money's worth. :)


I took it to tesco and they accepted it straight away i think it's my local Asda that was the problem.


send the voucher back to Kelloggs or whoever sent you it and tell them that their coupon is faulty. Also mention that Asda wouldn't take it, and see if they'll cause a fuss on your behalf. Worst case, you lose your voucher, best case, your voucher doubles. I'd also tweet with a pic of the voucher at the asda and kelloggs twitters. Get your complaint on!


Guys this only gets you one pound off as I think the stores have clicked on that the voucher takes 2 pounds off so theyve changed their system.


Happened to me too couple of weeks ago with some pringle vouchers which were sent to me by Kelloggs themselves who own pringles.

Free Danio Yogurt  + 15p profit via shopitize
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Posted 1st Aug 2014Posted 1st Aug 2014
Free Danio Yogurt + 15p profit via shopitize
Free Danio Yogurt + 15p profit via shopitize Click on Get This Deal link, like there Facebook page and you can get a coupon for a free one. Upload the receipt to shopitize and g… Read more

Oykos, not heard of them either. Don't think they have them in Loughborough though, Only Onken.


Personally don't eat them, the girlfriend does....though she prefers the oykos ones from Danone


mmmm Danone ? What do the reviews say of Danio ? As good as Onken ? They Richer, Sounds Nice?


where have you been hiding? Danio been around for ages...one of the many ranges from Danone


Sign up here: http://livedanone.co.uk/ and get a £1 off coupon

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Free Danio Yogurt - Like on facebook
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Posted 30th Jun 2014Posted 30th Jun 2014
Free Danio Yogurt - Like on facebook
Like their facebook page to get a FREE danio coupon. Choose from 7 fruity flavours with a delicious layer of fruit compote, keep it simple with plain, or smooth it down with Honey.… Read more

i dont have a fb!!!


i also hate facebook but just create a fake account for deals?


Thanx .. as this now caters for those of us out there in the World that don't have a Face Book Account ..... :-( Thanx lol. :-)


Got mine from the original post https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/free-pot-danio-yogurt-1917262,didn'tthink much of it, won't ever buy one!


no problem can't go wrong with free yogurt!

FREE pot of Danio yogurt!
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Posted 29th May 2014Posted 29th May 2014
FREE pot of Danio yogurt!
You'll need a fb account and a computer and printer for this one. Go to Danone fb page they're offering you a printable coupon for one of their pots of Danio yogurt. Only works on … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

can anyone upload the coupon here plz?




Now valid until 30th June


works fine for me closing date is 15/06/2014



Free Danio and others Yoghurt (£1 off voucher via post or email)
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Posted 28th Mar 2014Posted 28th Mar 2014
Free Danio and others Yoghurt (£1 off voucher via post or email)
been a while since I posted this so I think I will post again!! you can get £1 off voucher for actimel,activia,Danio,oykos and shape yogurts by post or by email so you can print i… Read more

nice one thanks


this is a freebie. if it was posted in the voucher section, i would have never seen it. :p


Who cares if its a voucher or a freebie...its both if there on offer for a quid somewhere isn't it...ppha some folk!!...thank you very much awears19 ;)


I think this is a freebie


cheers OP. got the shape one which says that can only be used against a purchase of 2 packs of 4 pots, which currently is selling at tesco for £2 so will pick one up on monday for £1 with voucher.

Activia Intensely Creamy 2 x 4 pack yoghurts for £1 at asda (using voucher)
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Posted 1st Mar 2014Posted 1st Mar 2014
Activia Intensely Creamy 2 x 4 pack yoghurts for £1 at asda (using voucher)
Asda currently have the Danone Activia Intensely Creamy 4 pack yoghurts down to £1 from something like £2.19. If you follow the link and claim your free voucher you can get £1 off … Read more

Maybe. I have a network printer and never had issues with it.


This is what I thought I saw too. Same deal as the Oykos yoghurts now.


See here Your text here


Yeah, they were 2 for £4 last night.


Nice yoghurts, great price. Heat from me.

Free Danio Yoghurt
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Posted 13th Jan 2014Posted 13th Jan 2014
Free Danio Yoghurt
Sign up to their newsletter and get a free £1 off your next Danone purchase! There are loads of delicious Danio yoghurts for £1 so you can enjoy a tub for free Shared Via The HUK… Read more

Thank You :-)


I've received email from Live Danone and I got second voucher £1 off for next purchase of Danone yogurts. So check your mailbox or visit Live Danone website! "It’s time to celebrate Pancake and Valentine’s Day! Why not try Live Danone’s tasty pancake recipes and top tips to make Valentine’s Day extra special for friends and family? Also this month select the Live Danone coupon of your choice! Click on the link below for money off your next Danone purchase; Activia, Activia Pouring Yogurt, Activia Intensely Creamy, Shape, Actimel, Oykos or Danio. Choose your favourite yogurt or why not try something new?"


nope still working


think its expired now


look forward to getting my treats now ...heat added ;)

FREE Danio Yogurt Pots 160g + Money off your shopping!
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Posted 3rd Aug 2013Posted 3rd Aug 2013
FREE Danio Yogurt Pots 160g + Money off your shopping!
You don't need to Like or log-in to Facebook. Just enter anything in the form and print 2 coupons from each computer. BOGOF at Tesco, 3 for £2 at Asda, Sainsburys, and Waitrose. - … Read more

oO That's not how it works!


Please. Send me discount voucher or free coupons . Thank you


How did you get 2 coupons? I printed one and it also says only one coupon per person.


I didn't get the voucher


danio :)

FREE Danio Super Tasty Yoghurt - download coupon with Twitter
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Posted 10th Jun 2013Posted 10th Jun 2013
FREE Danio Super Tasty Yoghurt - download coupon with Twitter
Danio are giving away a FREE super thick, super tasty yogurt. To get your FREE yoghurt, download the free coupon by signing into Twitter using the link http://danio.co.uk/ultimate… Read more

Is there a direct link? Don't do twitter but post says they could also post coupons? Thanks!


Done the hashtag on Twitter but can't work out how to get the coupon...:(


I love these yogurts and when it free it taste twice as sweet! Love free samples!!!


Lol all that math equations gave me a headache but it's a great deal so heat added!!!!!!!


You can print 2 unique coupons from 1 twitter account on 1 computer. I have access to 5 computers, so I just created some extra twitter accounts. That's 10 unique coupons. I used 9 coupons for 9 pots 9 pots cost £6 9 coupons x 0.85 = £7.65 £7.65 - £6 = £1.65 off other shopping. I'm saving the last coupon to use with another 2 coupons printed from another computer, to get the 3 for £2.

50p voucher + win free gym membership with Danone Activia
Posted 16th Mar 2009Posted 16th Mar 2009
50p voucher + win free gym membership with Danone Activia
Wasn't sure if this was freebies or deals or what, so listed on both. Of course you don't need to take the Activia challenge to use voucher Try the Activia Challenge for 14 days … Read more
Avatardeleted29969Get deal*Get deal*

thanks.tesco doing deal at the moment in 8 for £1.49 so this a real bargain.


Why is this cold? The 50p voucher is worth using - voted hot! :thumbsup:

Free Danone Activia 8 pots
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Posted 23rd Oct 2007Posted 23rd Oct 2007
Free Danone Activia 8 pots

I've just been to Morrisons in Gainsborough and they are doing 2 x8 packs for £2 I bought 4 packs=£4 presented my coupon for £3.32 which they accepted no problem, so I got 32 pots of yoghurt for 68p voted Red Hot by me


My voucher finally managed to print but instead of saying £3.32 on it, it says ?.32!!!!!!


Hi, I successfully printed off my activia coupon for £3.32 and used it at Tesco yesterday against 2 packs of activia for £4.00, so 16 pots of activia only cost me 68 pence. You can only print one voucher per person from one computer, but it doesn't stop your partner etc printing one at work !!!


Just been to the page & all vouchers have now gone, so I have clicked the 'expired' link. Good post though! ( "[COLOR="Blue"]All FREE 8 Packs have now gone[/COLOR]" )


none left ... offer seems to have closed.