Liverpool FC Beach Ball & Beach Set £10 @ Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC Beach Ball & Beach Set £10 @ Liverpool FC

Found 17th Oct 2009Made hot 17th Oct 2009
Liverpool FC Beach Ball & Beach Set

Ideal for away games to hurl on the pitch

liverpool 4 manchester united 1
- lingham


f$%"!!!K@@@!!!!!. Please make this the coldest deal ever on HUKD


Voted hot hot hot!!!

LOL voted hot!!

hahahaha loving the Sunderland tag!

Voted cold !


Fab deal

thats life!!

Life's a Beach Ball... Then you Die.


fantastic deal. .voted hot hot hot burning hot.. .. do you have anything for Aston Villa too?

hot! a load of balls!

Hottest deal Ever!!!!!!!

Heat added very hot

hottest deal ever, although the price is a little inflated :P
yes.. i know, you can rep me now for the bad joke.

i wonder if this will make it into deals of the day!! i think we should push for it!

great stuff!

lets overload the pitch with beachballs!

deserves to be hottest post ever-very very funny.

For those not in on the joke, watch match Of The Day....On in about 20mins

has the "ball" boy been done in yet??:whistling:

As an ardent Liverpool fan have to admit it's funny! :oops:More so for the fact that they lost because one of our own fans is to blame.:x

Bwah ha ha ha ! Hot hot hot !

LMFAO - hot, hot, hot


Heat and rep coming your way OP

lol - hot from me


has the "ball" boy been done in yet??:whistling:

They showed you who he was on ssn :-D

Ha ha belter. Gets my vote for deal of the year.

inferno haha
heat added

As a Liverpool fan I would like to buy each and every one of these....

.... at least then I'd know where all the little ******s are!

Voted HOT!

the hottest deal of the day without anyone actually buying it!

Have some heat from a fellow SAFC fan

£10 for Liverpool to concede a goal, BARGAIN!

:thumbsup:Scorchio ha ha ha


They showed you who he was on ssn :-D

Yeah i saw him.....poor lad!!!!:oops:

in the years ive been following HUKD, this is the best thing ive ever seen. FACT.

Hehe great post ! Come on scousers we all know you've got a great sense of humour plus if lots of people buy it then you could pay to send your keeper to specsavers lol


funniest ever!!!!

Even as a LFC fan, I have to admit this is quite funny (although the goal definitely wasn't!)

if for every ball Liverpool concede a goal as bizarre as today then £10 is a bargain motd in 5 mins

I couldn't believe it, doesn't anybody like Liverpool lol

They will be lucky to finish 6th this year ha

Had to vote hot... classic....
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