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Livingandhome 4 x 6ft Green Metal Garden Shed - Includes Floor Foundation

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About this deal

The green model is currently £18 less than the grey one, that was posted the other day, which may be preferred

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This metal garden shed is a great solution to store all your gardening equipment. Made from galvanised steels with a weathered top coat to ensure its durability outside in your garden, yard, or even fields, providing a secure spot to store your garden tools, lawn-care equipment, and pool supplies.

Features and Benefits
  • Floor Foundation Included
  • Waterproof, Moisture-proof, Rustproof, Fire Resistant, UV-resistant
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect to store garden tools, bike accessories, beach chairs and lawn, mower
  • Good Ventilation: Equipped with 2 sliding doors and 2 vents to ensure sufficient ventilation
  • Sloped Roof: Prevents rainwater from accumulating, prevents rust, and keeps the tools dry on rainy days
  • Occasions: Garden, Backyard, Patio, Lawn, Deck, Parks, etc

  • Dimension: 4 x 8 FT
  • Overall: 183cm W x 109cm D x 182cm H
  • Door: 73cm W x 154cm H
  • Steel Frame Thickness 0.6mm
  • Iron Sheet Thickness: 0.27mm
  • Number of vents: 2
  • Colour: Green
  • Guarantee:12 Months
  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Model Number: PM0076PM0077
  • Self Assembly Required: Yes

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  1. speacock36's avatar
    Anyone know if difficult to put together?
    BenjaminDover99's avatar
    You'll need someone to help out, who you are unlikely to fall out with, and give yourselves plenty of time. I'm sure it will take you the best part of a day.
    You'll need to wear gloves and cover your arms and legs - the metal sheets will be sharp, even if they don't look it, so be careful .
    There will be lots and lots of screws so you'll ideally want a decent cordless screwdriver, preferably each.
    Your base will need to be nice and level - I don't know if the included floor foundation will allow you to pop this straight onto grass or gravel, or how forgiving it will be. It'll be worth finding out what you can about it as you won't get anywhere if the base isn't sound.
    Make sure everything is square from the beginning. If your base isn't square, you'll struggle, and have issues with doors closing properly, etc.
    Chances are that the instructions won't always be clear so you'll need to be able to work them out.
    It'll be great once it's up, but have the structural integrity of a jelly until it's almost complete, hence needing a second pair of hands to help you out.
    You may need to improvise if e.g., some of the holes don't line up. Be prepared to have to drill new ones but don't be too eager to as you may have something wrong.

    Good luck!
  2. epiclolz's avatar
    I pray for someone to find me a shed deal for this size and price that deliver to Northern Ireland.. I am preying everyday.
  3. sHAYM4N's avatar
    Anyone know if it will fit a standard size lavatory and footrest?
  4. Dhavj's avatar
    4ft x 8ft per description or 4ft x 6ft per title?
    Ken's avatar
    The model number is PM0076PM0077 which is for the 4x6ft model. Looks like a typo on the product page.
    Nice one, cheers
  5. davidipswich1's avatar
    Can not beleive in 2024 they are still using feet and inches
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