Lloyds Bank 25 months 0% on balance transfers, 3 months 0% on purchases, no BT fee

Lloyds Bank 25 months 0% on balance transfers, 3 months 0% on purchases, no BT fee

Found 26th Feb 2018
Anyone looking for a couple of years interest-free on balance transfers should check out the Platinum card from Lloyds:
  • 0% on balance transfers for 25 months
  • 0% on purchases for three months
  • No balance transfer fee
  • Transfers must be made within 90 days of opening the account.
  • Standard APR 19.9%
  • Online applications only

Why I like this card

This isn’t quite the longest zero fee BT card – Halifax does 29 months – but it will suit people who can’t get the Halifax card (i.e. those with a Halifax balance to transfer). Make sure you make a plan to pay off your whole balance within the 25 months otherwise you’ll be looking to switch again. Whatever you do, make sure you make at least the minimum repayment each month or you’re lose your 0% deal.
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Halifax and Lloyds are part of the same group. Also Sainsbury has a 28 month offer with 0% BT fee.

Sorry got to vote this cold.
BT fee?

BT fee?

Balance transfer fees..
Usually 3%

BT fee?

No fee - it says that in the post?
Not sure why this isn't hotter, great find!

Assume you get to see the credit they're offering you before you decide to transfer a balance?
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£20.20 cashback at Topcashback also...


Note- when you click through they acknowledge having some issues with tracking but say raise a ticket if it doesn't show in a few days, I'll monitor.

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A brief update, cashback all tracked fine (now confirmed) and within just over a week my balance transfers had gone through and I had the card an internet banking activation code through in the mail. All good. Thanks again OP.
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