Lloyds Bank Mortgage rates as low as 1.44%

Lloyds Bank Mortgage rates as low as 1.44%

Found 8th Jan 2015
I've just been in to Lloyds Bank to review my mortgage and they are offering deals from as low as 1.64%, but if you are a club lloyds member you can get a further .2% discount meaning a fixed rate of 1.44!! Apparently it's not available through brokers so you need to apply to Lloyds direct. Well worth it, saved me loads!

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what LTV is that at, is it fixed, etc etc...? I can't see anything that low online.
Agree with PR1, where's the detail on this? Who would be eligible for this? Just smacks of spam marketing rather than an actual deal. Has to be cold until we see more facts
Yes, please provide some extra detail...
Its available online 2 yr fixed rate LTV 60%
2yr online fixed LTV 60% shows the lowest rate as 1.94% with a £995 booking fee when I look?

I'm after a 65-70LTV personally but this might be useful to some if we can actually find it...?
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Comes up on the link provided. 1.64, 2 year fix, 60 ltv, I assume 2k product fee as only showing 1,99 on my phone.
I've been offered this too in my branch and £500 cashback too to move my mortgage. I have booked an appointment to go through. will let you all know.
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