Lloyds Credit Card 0% for 33 months .59% fee but £20 cashback

Lloyds Credit Card 0% for 33 months .59% fee but £20 cashback

Found 21st Jun 2017
From mse

This Lloyds card offers fewer 33 month, but comes with a lower fee for shifting your debt. Plus, those who apply by Tue 11 July and transfer at least £100 will also get £20 cashback, so it could prove a better deal than the other Lloyds card if you don't need the extra 0% months.

To get the £20 cashback, apply for the card by Tue 11 July and balance transfer at least £100.
The cashback will be paid to your credit card account within 90 days of doing the balance transfer.
You'll be charged a fee of 3% of the amount transferred, then Lloyds will credit back the difference within 90 days, so the effective fee is 0.59%.
We say 'up to' 33mths as some poorer credit scorers may get fewer months at 0% – but if you've a Lloyds current account, our eligibility calculator can tell you if you're pre-approved for it – and if you are, you'll get the full 33 months at 0%.
You can't transfer from a Lloyds card but you can from its sister firms, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.
After your 0% deal ends, you'll pay 18.9% interest a year on any balance transfer debt left over.

Poorer credit scorers could pay up to 25.9%.
You need to transfer the balance within 90 days, or you won't get the 0% period.
Always pay at least the minimum monthly repayment, or you'll lose the 0% deal.
Don't spend/withdraw cash on this card. It usually isn't at the cheap rate and cash withdrawals hit your credit file.

So transfer less than £3385 and your balace will be reduced by the cashback therefore making it better than a zero balace transfer credit card and with longer months! Best zero fee card is the 29 months from halifax!
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