Lloyds Ionising Air Purifier £2.99 @ HomeBargains

Lloyds Ionising Air Purifier £2.99 @ HomeBargains

Found 4th May 2011
Supposedly cleans the air of dust and hayfever spores. Lots of reports of them being useless but cheap enough for a punt on the off-chance they actually work.

Ticket said RRP £19.99.
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A deal posted earlier today said Lloyds Chemists are giving them away free with any hayfever purchase, but they have a crap reputation from people who have bought them
Good item. Seems to work ok. Although takes some time for it to work.
I have one of these from The Works where they were selling them off a while ago. They do appear to generate more ions than my previous ioniser (according to my simple analyser). Worth a punt.
They need to be left on all the time to really work [they are no powerful], and the air filter needs cleaning about every week or so as it gets clogged up fairly fast.
I've had one for a couple of years and it works well at helping make the AC at work feel less awful.
If you need ioniser,Heaven Fresh are the best-no moving parts,silent,no need to clean filters...and really doing what is said on the box.
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