Lloyds Pharmacy Allergy reliever £14.99 (better then half price)
Lloyds Pharmacy Allergy reliever £14.99 (better then half price)

Lloyds Pharmacy Allergy reliever £14.99 (better then half price)

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Last night i woke up at 2am sneezing........ I heard favourable reviews on this electrical allergy reliever from Lloyds pharmacy and at better at half price HOT HOT HOT...Hopefully does the trick!!

If you struggle to get rid of your hayfever or you're looking for something a bit different to alleviate symptoms, why not try our Hayfever and Allergy Reliever? This drug-free solution could dramatically ease the main symptoms of your hayfever; in fact many people feel an improvement after just a few treatments. And, because its drug free, you can use it safely alongside your other hayfever medicines if you want to.

Simple and easy to use
Uses light therapy for relief of allergy symptoms
Innovative and effective treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis

Requires AAA batteries (not included)

free ionising air purifier when you buy this item instore.

the leaflet says online voucher code is FREE1
but it seems to be out of stock online:
- electric0ant


I bought this one last year when it was half price. Normal hayfever tablets made me drowsy
.It worked for me but not my husband who also bought one at the same time. Use it 3 times a day and your hayfever hopefully will be gone like mine has.

This is a good staff but you can buy it cheaper from the Ebay

I was sceptic but I've tried and found that it does work. I've not used hayfever for two years now. You have to remember tho that for the best effect is better to strat the treatment around march. Hot!

it really does work i stopped taking drugs for my hayfever after i bought this two years ago and although the syptoms persist when pollen is high i do recommend it. i also boght it for £15.00 two years back. so i vote hot

Can recommend these. I bought one of the old style ones which is not that different from the current mode. As Mackokoma said, you can get them cheaper. I've noticed that the Lloyds Ebay outlet is doing the old style at £8.95 delivered.

Might get the old one from ebay, worth a try for £9.


I was extremely sceptical of this, in fact I laughed at the idea of this working. However, when the price was £9.99 (?) last year, I thought, 'what the hell, let's give it a try'. I had no expectations for it whatsoever. To my utter shock and horror, it worked for me. I suffer from severe hayfever and take a combination of tablets, eye drops and nasal sprays. I use it about three to five times a day and almost all my symptoms disappear, although I still have a very slight and mild irritation of the eyes and nose; about 1% of what I normally suffer. So for me a success.

I am told it doesn't work for everyone.
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How does it work exactly?


How does it work exactly?

I believe it's supposed to work on the principle of desensitisation of the nostril membranes.

I was very skeptical of it but tried it for severe perennial rhinitis and it worked. Took a few weeks but its subsided to a very manageable point and often goes away completely. Works for my sons hayfever too.

Medications didn't work for me at all and in fact made me feel worse..

Is it safe for asthmatics?


Is it safe for asthmatics?

My wife has asthma and she is using now nearly 3 years.
She used it when she was pregnant and she was happy with it.

lloyds is giving away a free lloyds ionising air purifier (£9.99) when you buy this, didn't realise this until lady in the shop told me.

there is a leaflet instore with a coupon, the online voucher code is FREE1

ionising air purifier Out of Stock online

Thank you

I know this is an old-ish but further reductions may be along soon. I bought one last year, end of season, couldn't really tell if it worked.

Have been using it daily this year, just once a day generally. Am now in what would normally be the very peak season for me ... it used to be that beconase plus tablets couldn't contain it. This year I take beconase every now and then to cure tiny sneezes, at the moment I am taking nothing. This is unheard of, so for me it works wonders, best result in 20 years.

Even if I do need to take more beconase, at least the allerg reliever and beconase are non-drowsy whereas before I had to dope myself up .... Or I have the option of plugging myself in more than once a day. Do note though that it needs to be used regularly to build up the effect, wasn't so powerful for me last year because I bought it near the end of the season.

Wonderful machines, can't believe it.
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