Lloyds Pharmacy Body Fat Monitor £1 @ Poundland

Lloyds Pharmacy Body Fat Monitor £1 @ Poundland

Found 13th Dec 2012
Found this at my Local Poundland Shop in Cardiff ... its online as well so worth checking out in your local shops ... amazon still sells this for £24.. probably clearance prices..

Product info:
The Lloydspharmacy Body Composition Analyser can be used at
any time to help you monitor changes in your body make up.

BMI - Body Mass Index

BFR - Body Fat Ratio

BWR - Body Water Ratio

BMR - Body Muscle Ratio

TDEE - Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Great for those who are dieting, in regular training or sports

Requires 2 X AA Batteries (Not included)

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These things aren't accurate at all ...
agreed, just use the mirror, if it wobbles chances are it's fat.
Complete waste of time. It's more accurate using a washing machine gmto measure body fat%.

I know because ive got one and have tried it on more than one person. All it is is a glorified calculator. The hand sensors make no difference to the calculation at all.

Finally, good price, but a £1 would be better spent on the body fat calipers.
B&M in St.Annes has there at £1.99
I wouldn't bother. To get any kind of accuracy you need connection to the feet aswell, and then you only really use it as a guide to track progress rather than a definative number, also you must be consistant with when you take the readings i.e. same time each day, no strenuous activity etc
I had one and it measures water in the body! Have a pee and it reads it as your fat has dropped! Drink water and it goes up!! Waste of money
I can't speak for these specifically, but I use body fat weighing scales and find them very useful, particularly when trying to lose weight. You can get discouraged sometimes if you're working really hard but not much seams to be happening, but muscle is heavier than fat and the monitor can give you am indication of what's really going on.

N.B. you don't necessarily need to be visibly 'fat' to have an unhealthy amount of body fat.

agreed, just use the mirror, if it wobbles chances are it's fat.

Useless, you can have mine (barely used) for £0.99
y is this item hot if its so bad??
Have one and I love it. It gave a new dimension to my losing the weight, I now know how much fat I've lost over time. hot.

y is this item hot if its so bad??

Put it this way, if all the hot voters buy it, it won't get this hot next time they do the deal!

It's sold as a body fat monitor but only takes the information you put in it, ie, weight, height, age etc. so if you are a gym freak and weight 17 stone with a BMI of say 18% this will base it on your weight alone and read a much higher BMI. If you''re happy with the
result this will produce put the same figures into a calculator you'll get the same answer.

If someone wants to know their BMI there's usually a very good reason. Buy a set of scales instead.
If you want an incentive to drop body fat just sit naked in front of a mirror and eat your dinner!
its obviously not the most accurate of Body Fat Measuring tools there is... but this is a reference tool rather than a exact measuring device... if you use it regularly in association with any program you have you will have an estimate of your progress.. precision is the key here not accuracy... of course you will still have to be very vigilant in following the instructions..
No accurate, I still use them though.

All I know is when I lose weight this thing somehow correlates. Will pick one up is they have it.
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