Lloyds Pharmacy TENS Machine £4.99 with purchase of any tablets INSTORE
Lloyds Pharmacy TENS Machine £4.99 with purchase of any tablets INSTORE

Lloyds Pharmacy TENS Machine £4.99 with purchase of any tablets INSTORE

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Lloyds TENS Machine which is normally £9.99 instore can be bought for £4.99 with any purchase of tablets including pain killers etc. They have some pain killers for 99p so total cost inc TENS is £5.98.

Over half of us suffer from chronic pain such as back or joint pain. Whether you have one of these conditions, or just suffer from intermittent pain, you know it can stop you doing even the simplest of things.

What if there was a safe, affordable and effective form of pain relief for a range of different complaints which you could use alongside over the counter or prescription pain relief medication?

The Lloydspharmacy TENS machine delivers small, painless electrical pulses to the body via electrodes placed on the skin. This blocks the way pain signals are sent to the brain and stimulates the body to produce its own pain relieving chemicals called endorphins.

TENS is a highly effective treatment for pain. It is used worldwide and recommended by sports coaches, physiotherapy departments, pain clinics, doctors and other medical practitioners. A TENS unit will ease pain, and should result in a decrease of drug intake! For many the relief is dramatic.

Give yourself a break from pain with the Lloydspharmacy TENS Machine Digital Pain Reliever.

Pain Facts:

• 1 in 7 people in the UK suffers from chronic pain.
• TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
• TENS is now regularly recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and pharmacists throughout the UK
• Back pain is the largest single reported cause of absence from work in the UK

Features of the Lloydspharmacy TENS Machine:

• Easy to use.
• Adjustable power settings.
• Fast, effective and safe pain relief
• Lightweight and portable
• Pain relief or massage
• Large gel pads.
• Handy belt clip.
• Safe to use with existing medication.
• Adjustable intensities to suit your needs
• Treatment modes to suit different pain areas


Do these actually work? I have a bit of back trouble from time to time and anything that eases the pain would be fantastic.

These work to the extent that the current that goes through them tends to make you concentrate more on the zapping that you get through the electrodes. They are supposed to interrupt the pain signal, there a quite a few different settings from zapping to kneading and different intensities.. I also have a really bad back trouble and anything that makes the slightest difference is worth a try. I keep mine in my bag and if i get stuck when i am out , i put it on as high as i can bear to get me home. I then sit with it on for a few hours also a hot water bottle as hot as i can bear tends to numb it !!! And pain killers of course ! Sound like i am falling apart !! Not far off mind oO

Cheers, might give this a try.

my back pain is enough that I need to take opiates every 4 hours otherwise I'm writhing and groaning in agony!! A tens machine means I can be painkiller free for hours. They are fabulous and I use mine on days where my painkillers seem not to be working properly due to my body becoming used to them (which is a scary prospect as there isn't anything much stronger without making me sleep)
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