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Lloyds Bank has been one of the UK’s most popular high street banks for over a century, serving customers all over the country from its hundreds of local branches. Nowadays, the company also offers plenty of other financial services, including online banking and many of them can be found at big discounts by checking the HotUKDeals Lloyds Bank listings. Read more

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Lloyds everyday offer (£5 cashback on NOW TV, Debenhams 10%)
Found 1 h, 52 m agoFound 1 h, 52 m ago
Active an offer on Llloyds Mobile Banking App and use your account to pay for selected retailers for a cashback. Current offers: -NOW TV £5 -TRAIN LINE 5% - DEBENHAMS 10%
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You have to switch them on. Over 18's :) FAQ's here >>>>


I always find the Lloyds offers disappointing. Most retailers I don’t shop at or my nearest store is over an hr away nearer London. Would be nice to see more everyday retailers on there :/


Same here!


These offers are account specific. I have none of these offers.


Only the now tv available on mine... heres the terms Earn £5 Cashback on your first two monthly payments when you join NOW TV and spend over £5 each time. Offer expires 29/12/2018. Maximum reward £10. Watch the latest movies, TV shows, live sports and kids' entertainment live and on demand. Available without a contract on loads of devices. Join today

Nintendo Switch for £225 with 10% cashback on Amazon prime now for Lloyds bank customers
LocalLocalFound 24th NovFound 24th Nov
On Lloyds Bank app under the section for everyday deals I found a deal for 10% cashback up to a maximum of £35 reward. I've used mine to purchase a Nintendo switch for £249..

This is a good deal for those that can get it on any of console + AAA game at £288.99 to £260. Another option get 10% off the console + pro controller £300 to £270 then buy something like Fifa 19 on offer for £30 at many places.


I am with Halifax and it worked for me. £289.99 with MARIO Odyssey and got 10% off so makes it £260.99


This will come as no surprise, buy my OnePlus 6 and now 6T allow screenshots on the Lloyds app. The only phone I've ever owned that has allowed me to do so. OnePlus really don't give a crap about security it seems.


It's on mine, shame we have to wait until December to get the cash back though lol


Got mine through Asda too!!

Giffgaff £15 cashback on minimum £30 top up @ lloyds cashback
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
Just found this offer on my lloyds account’s cashback, offer ends in 8 days so hurry up! Up to 2 top ups per account £15 minimum to get 7.5 back each time.
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Same for me, but maybe some giffgaffers find it useful :)


...I have to top-up only £10 to get (highfive), so it's even better for my liking, pity though, I got rid off giffgaff some time ago 8)

£50 cashback when you join or recontract with Sky - via Lloyds Everyday Offers
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Saw this deal in my Lloyds Everyday offers --- Earn £50 Cashback when you join or recontract with Sky TV and pay by Direct Debit. Offer expires 05/10/2018. Cashback will be paid a… Read more
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With Halifax too.


Not in my offers. Need to check your account.


I think you can do both as long as you pay via your specified bank account for their cash back


Wouldn't topcashback be better for new customers at a minimum of £105 and up to £126?


Same with Santander but is of course account specific and only applies to Sky TV new contracts

Cash Back @ Lloyds
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Cash Back @ Lloyds
From time to time banks like Lloyds (certainly Halifax too) do cash back deals at specific stores eg Morrison, Waitrose. Offer is 5%, 10% or 15%. Here is what I have spotted. If y… Read more
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I never knew that. I always thought it was a separate arm of the same business


lol, I never thought of bumbing up the spend with cash back so heat from me! The last time my bank did a cash back offer for a supermarket I only needed a few items, which would not amount to much so I bought the most expensive item of clothing I could find find in order to bump up the total spend resulting in highter cashback. I then returned the coat unworn with all the tags attached a week later for a refund


Lloyd’s is end of the following month, so buy it now but wait until end of October to get it (annoyed) Most of the cashback offers are for high end stores too or hotels like hilton, most places I never even look in so it is rubbish. Had my account with them for 6 years now and have won the “its on us” offer twice which has totalled £50, so it’s not all bad I guess.. (:I


Long time Lloyds customer and the selection of cashback places so poor. You have to manually enable them to, better off with quidco offline cashback imo


is this with all current accounts?

Lloyds credit card 0% on balance transfers for 32 months, 1.4% BT fee
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Lloyds credit card 0% on balance transfers for 32 months, 1.4% BT fee
Hey.. this deal from Lloyds is worth considering if you’re looking for a balance transfer card with both a decent 0% period and low BT fee. Lloyds’ Low Fee 0% Balance Transfer ca… Read more
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Now sure why it’s cold? Heat from me.


I think the 24 months no fee is better, 1.4% fee for an extra 8 months?

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Club Lloyds = 2% AER, 0.20% discount on your mortgage interest rate​​​​, Choose from either - 6 Free cinema tickets a year, an annual magazine subscription, or annual Gourmet Society membership. Free if you put £1500 in your account monthly or £3 if
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Club Lloyds = 2% AER, 0.20% discount on your mortgage interest rate​​​​, Choose from either - 6 Free cinema tickets a year, an annual magazine subscription, or annual Gourmet Society membership. Free if you put £1500 in your account monthly or £3 if
Not strictly a deal but something that Lloyds account holders might find useful ... Club Lloyds is free - No fee! No monthly account fee if you pay in £1,500 each month. If you p… Read more

anyone know how long it takes to get the cinema tickets after opening an account ?


You have hit the nail on the head :) Glad my post has helped you !


I' thinking of switching bank for the free cash giveaways. What' the minimum term on this? I've been with Lloyds for over 10years, but could I sign up for a club Lloyds account, get the free tickets, and switch bank next month?


Some of the comments here are hilarious. Moaning that it' ONLY 2% interest rate and they got 4% years ago. You compare it to the current interest rates, and 2% ain't bad! I get the feeling people are not realising it' a current account deal, not a credit card. And if you're like I am and with Lloyds anyway, it's an absolute no brainer.


great-thanks! have done it online! very easy to upgrade and went with cinema tickets.

10% cashback at Morrisons - Lloyds Everyday offer
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
10% cashback at Morrisons - Lloyds Everyday offer
Just saw this offer in my Lloyds Bank app in the Everyday Offers section. Valid until Apr 8 with a maximum total cashback of £10. Multiple transactions allowed.

Thank You OP .. just checked my offers .. 15% Morrisons ..10% Waitrose Yayyyy Quick question - if you get cash back at the till .. do you also get the 15% (0r 10%) cashback via the bank also? Anyways ... Easter roasts sorted now .. much appreciated Oh and I have three accounts - so checked all three and got the 15% cash back offer on each ... so I can feel 3 shops coming on... :D


Well you should just checked them out seem great


7% Morrisons for me and 10% Waitrose. Account specific but heat regardless.


Not true. I'm a Lloyds bank customer been using everyday offers since it started and have always have returning offers, the % of cashback varies though. My partner shares the account with me and gets different offers too.


Have you tried this before? Does it work? I've done it on gift cards and it works fine but wasn't sure on cashback

Lloyds Bank 25 months 0% on balance transfers, 3 months 0% on purchases, no BT fee
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Lloyds Bank 25 months 0% on balance transfers, 3 months 0% on purchases, no BT fee
Anyone looking for a couple of years interest-free on balance transfers should check out the Platinum card from Lloyds: 0% on balance transfers for 25 months 0% on purchases … Read more
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A brief update, cashback all tracked fine (now confirmed) and within just over a week my balance transfers had gone through and I had the card an internet banking activation code through in the mail. All good. Thanks again OP.


£20.20 cashback at Topcashback also... Note- when you click through they acknowledge having some issues with tracking but say raise a ticket if it doesn't show in a few days, I'll monitor.


Not sure why this isn't hotter, great find! Assume you get to see the credit they're offering you before you decide to transfer a balance?


No fee - it says that in the post?



£50 cashback for "EE pay monthly sim only contracts" via LLoyds Bank Everyday offers
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
£50 cashback for "EE pay monthly sim only contracts" via LLoyds Bank Everyday offers
5 days left - from the time of posting this deal. Earn £50 Cashback when you take out any Pay Monthly SIM Only contract with EE and pay by Direct Debit. Offer expires 03/03/2018. … Read more

Whoop! cashback went in yesterday, all for moving a Direct Debit from TSB to Halifax - £50 for nowt (party)


That's just Disney screwing you :) I've never had a purchase be charged in that way so that's news to me.


I'm starting to think that way too, though the bank cashback is solid, I should get onto TCB and give them a little poke and find out what's going on.


I’ve started excluding cashback when calculating costs from Q/TCB personally, it’s a bonus if it pays out, but do I want to pay X amount without it, nope! ;)


I had this in November when I moved to EE, cash back paid without any issues, TCB on the other hand, I've had to get them to explain why it's been declined.

Waitrose 10% cashback. Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Waitrose 10% cashback. Lloyds Bank Everyday Offers
Check your account offers and activate the cashback.
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Only 5% for me. Maybe because I used the 10% offer in December. And 10% off at Morrison's has also showed up.


Hi, thanks a lot for such great information, much appreciated (y) (learn a lot especially I am new with all these)


Same on the Halifax as they are run together.


If the store sells gift cards these count towards your purchase. Waitrose only sell their own cards sadly. No named brands. Co-op sell cards and have paypoint for mobile credit, council tax, TV licence payments and giro credit bills. Morrison's obviously sell gift cards. Cashback is also paid on cashback taken at the till point. Make sure you check the maximum reward payout so as not to spend too much.


I've got 12% on Hilton!...Whoopee! I think that offer has been there since forever! Good luck to anyone that has something useful!

5% cashback at Co Op through Lloyds Bank on minimum spend £5
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
5% cashback at Co Op through Lloyds Bank on minimum spend £5
Saw a similar offer posted from Santander, so checked my Lloyds app. There it was - 5% cashback on minimum spend £5, maximum cashback £30. One time only. Valid until Feb 11. There… Read more
Lloyds 0% interest for 29 months on Balance transfers and Purchases
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Lloyds 0% interest for 29 months on Balance transfers and Purchases
Lloyds Bank Platinum credit card is offering a long 0% deal on balance transfers and purchases for 29 months. Credit Card offer entails: - 0% on purchases for 29 months - 0% on b… Read more
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Virgin Money served me with £4000 with over 2 years of 0% interest on purchases. Tesco was quite generous (shock) £6000 with over 2 years of 0% interest on purchases, just after I had that card from Virgin. But I am responsible lender. Will earn it and give it back before they charge me.


I’m not saying banks are a bunch of nice guys at all. I don’t recall saying anything that would imply that, but in the most part they don’t just ‘steal’ your money or randomly send debt collectors after people that don’t owe them money, that is certainly the ‘exception’. PPI was indeed a scandal, but I’m not sure ‘took thousands off people without telling them’ is entirely accurate. What they did was opt you in without consent, if you’d check your relevant statements and agreements, it would have been mentioned.


I was pretty lucky with my experience, as it was only £800. There are many people who lost far more than that by dishonest bankers. What about PPI? That's an example of dishonest banking right there. They took thousands off people without telling them! If you think banks are just a bunch of nice old guys who lend people money, you're wrong.


I can’t comment as to why they are offering less than other companies, it may be a better offer for people who currently bank with Lloyds and don’t already have a credit card. I’ve been with Lloyds about 16 months and was given a higher credit limit amount then I applied for, swings and roundabouts and obviously each persons circumstances/credit rating is different.


Be VERY careful about doing that, check EXACTLY what the repayments you make will go towards, you can get right royally scr3wed with that type of card...

Lloyd’s 10% cashback at Waitrose in everyday offers as a thank you
LocalLocalFound 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Lloyd’s 10% cashback at Waitrose in everyday offers as a thank you
10% cashback valid for one shop at Waitrose remember to activate offer before shopping maximum reward £10. Expires in 5 days

I have the 10% cashback with the co-op and I haven't shopped there for a while (annoyed)


do they still do this when you get instore cashback at the till?


Got this offer and used it to buy a gift card. I had got 20% off at Co Op last week which I used to buy Amazon gift cards. In both cases, maximum cash back was £10.


Shame they never do it on shops we actually use a lot..


Got Dynelms dunelms this week got Sainsbury’s last week 10% both times

Lloyds Bank. 10% Cashback on your next Sainsburys shopping.
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Lloyds Bank. 10% Cashback on your next Sainsburys shopping.
Found this in the daily offers section. No screenshot due to security policy. Make sure offer is active before going shopping! There are often 10% off cash back deals there but ne… Read more
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Nothing for me :/ got a waitrose 10% one but meh


Max cashback is £10, therefore if you purchase £100 worth of gift vouchers you will earn £10 cashback. Just avoid buying anything else whilst you are there as you will get fleeced :D


Wouldn't have even thought to check, but 10% cashback at Morrison's for me. Xmas booze!


I was also going to suggest this as I have done it both at Morrison's and waitrose, but I didn't know you couldn't get it at Sainsbury's. If you have co-op, you can do a Payzone Amazon top up, up to £250. You may also be eligible for a £5 Amazon in store top up bonus if you do this.


£50 per transaction. However I think that the poster is actually wrong. I've tried before in Sainsbury's and the cashback at the till is not included in the 10% back. However, it is included in the 10% back at both Waitrose and Morrison's, which is proabably why he thinks it will work. I'm happy to be corrected if he is certain though, but the cashback at till is retailer specific as it can be determined whether the transaction was 'till cashback' or a genuine purchase - and some supermarkets care (Others, like Waitrose & Morrison's either don't care or can't be bothered to work it out).

10% cashback at Co-op with Lloyds Bank
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
10% cashback at Co-op with Lloyds Bank
Probably account specific. 10% cashback (max £30) until Dec 3rd at Co-op food, min spending £5. Valid for one transaction only. Found on Lloyds c/a and Santander.

Amazon Pay Point top up in Co-op worked for me last month with Santander Rewards. £25 cashback for the max £250 Pay Point top up.


Not just limited to Lloyds; I activated this on my Santander Rewards this morning!


And another 5% with the membership card they do.


just enabled "Everyday Offers" in Lloyds Bank online banking, no current offers available to me :/


"top-up your Amazon account with Paypoint" might give this a try... £250 max(?), get £25 cashback can you pay by card for the top up barcode? (only mentions cash below) https://www.paypoint.com/en-gb/consumers/pages/amazon "Amazon Top Up now available at PayPoint Amazon Top Up In-Store from PayPoint is a great new way for customers to purchase Amazon gift cards using cash. The cash will automatically be added to your Amazon Gift Card balance and each Top Up can be used to buy millions of items online at Amazon.co.uk. How does Amazon Top Up In-Store work?There are now two easy ways to purchase Amazon Top Ups. You can either request a top up barcode through your Amazon app which you can present at any PayPoint store and pay in cash to update your Amazon Gift Card balance. Or, you can request a Top Up amount at the till to get a unique code printed on your receipt to redeem online. Which values are available?Amazon Top Ups are available in ANY value between £5 - £250 in 1p increments e.g. £13.75. Where can I buy Amazon Top Ups?Amazon Top Ups are available at all PayPoint stores nationwide. To find your nearest store, please use the locator below."

£20 cashback from Lloyds Credit BT card 33 months @ 0% apr .57% fee
Found 31st Oct 2017Found 31st Oct 2017
£20 cashback from Lloyds Credit BT card 33 months @ 0% apr .57% fee
This Lloyds* credit card offers up to 33 months 0% and comes with £20 cashback if you transfer at least £100 within 90 days. As this card is an 'up to' you could be offered onl… Read more

I have this card and we made BT's upto 2.5 months after getting the card , all BT's were refunded the 2.43%. My last refund was a few weeks ago , takes about 3 weeks to credit into your account iirc. ;)


just on the phone to them and they said they can't honour the 2.43% refund as I never applied for the balance transfer on application even though it says that it will revert back to 3% transfer fee after any balance transfers made after 90 days. Crazy!


So this is the best offer at the moment. Thank you for your effort. It states that should apply through their eligibility checker but cant find it if click this link Any idea about that ???


This one as per money saving expert


In couple of weeks time ... sooner is better Thanks for kind reply

Lloyds low rate credit card 5.7% APR
Found 29th Sep 2017Found 29th Sep 2017
Lloyds low rate credit card 5.7% APR
Lloyds Bank has dropped the rate on its no-frills credit card to just 5.7 per cent APR interest – the lowest rate on the market for a bog standard card for everyday spending. In… Read more
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Yeah same as that


I have taken many cards let's say Santander cc for 24 months I can purchase whenever I want within the 24 months and no interest until the end of 24 months period by that time I always balance transfer or pay it all off.


Usually the cards that have interest free, you have to spend on them within a certain number of days from account opening. I don't know about the ones you specifically mention, but i took out a interest free card for 30 months and only purchases made within first 60 days counted for the free interest for 30 months. Any spending after the first 60 days attracted the usual extortionate rate. It appears this card may not have any limit on when you make purchases which looks interesting and hopefully others will follow. Heat for that from me.


Santander 30 months 0% on purchases


Some cards like marks and Spencer or Clydesdale are offering 28 months interest free, so why would you pay interest from the get go? If you can't budget and pay the balance of in 28 months you shouldn't be getting a card in the first place!

Co-op food - 10% cashback with Lloyds
Found 28th Sep 2017Found 28th Sep 2017
Co-op food - 10% cashback with Lloyds
Maybe account specific. 10% cashback (max £30) until Oct 29th at Co-op food. Found on my Lloyds current account. I will probably use to top up my Amazon account 8)

Mines 5% but still something thanks


so now its only 40% more than everywhere else... woooo


Just checked, sadly not on my Lloyds account.

10% cashback @ Travelodge with Lloyds bank, stackable with other codes , possible to get £5 Amazon voucher too
Found 18th Sep 2017Found 18th Sep 2017
10% cashback @ Travelodge with Lloyds bank, stackable with other codes , possible to get £5 Amazon voucher too
LLOYDS Everyday offers Travelodge 10% Expires 14 Dec 2017 Earn 10% Cashback on your next stay with Travelodge. With rooms from £29 enjoy an amazing value break at over 530 hotels… Read more

Hi Sorry here's a link to the diode 10% Off 2 or more night http://discountcode.dailymail.co.uk/travelodge i think it changes after its been used so you have to re-visit page for a new one


Giving error that code is already used. Where did you get this code



When you log in to your online banking, select the everyday offers. Then choose which of the offers you want to activate.


Do you have to register for the Lloyds offer, or is the discount automatically deducted?