loads of adult and kids clothes half price instore at asda
loads of adult and kids clothes half price instore at asda

loads of adult and kids clothes half price instore at asda

Hopefully its not store specific, this was at the chapeltown branch in sheffield. I got a jumper for £2.50, and various kids clothes including high school musical swimming costume for £3, fifi trainers for £4.50, disney cars tracksuit bottoms for £3, cars tracksuit top for £4, hannah montana t shirt for £3
Other stuff I saw including scooby doo jumpers for £3, jeans with belts for £3, high school musical dresses for £6.
There was quite a bit of the G21 range in the womens stuff, and plenty of underwear with sizes going up to about a g cup, i managed to get two f cup bras and there were still quite a few there!



this is on at our asda too! althouh didnt see cars track suit..may have to have another look!! got soem lazy toen pj's tho and an outfit for the baby!

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It is nationwide. Was in Stratford's Home and Leisure store this evening, they were re-pricing a hell of a lot of stuff. Don't just look in the sale signed area, I found much better stuff on the normal rails. Just a hint!!!

Good shopping!


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Missus was happy to get a rain mac and a pair of jeans for our 4yr old - all for the princely sum of £5 :thumbsup:

The Grantham store also had a lot of kids clothes reduced and as one of the other posters said look on all rails as things were reduced all over the store. In the home section they also had a lot of nice mugs reduced to 25p and even a teapot for 2p (pebbles range). There were also placemats, tablecloths & teatowels reduced, although I can't remember their prices.

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will go and check out

thanks for that might go have a look at my store could do with some new shorts for my holiday next week.

Ty. Mine are growing so fast I'm always needing this kind of thing.

Had a look today, nothing really caught my eye. Barely anything left for little boys- saw three t-shirts, only one in the size I wanted. The sales never seem to be that great in my local store.
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