Loads of free FREE ~ MP3/FLAC XMAS albums @ CD Baby

Loads of free FREE ~ MP3/FLAC XMAS albums @ CD Baby

Found 21st Dec 2016
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Gift of the Angels - Holiday Offerings by Angel City Chorale [cdbaby.com] ~ 21 songs. Classical: Traditional.
Do Christmas by Rudy and the Surf Kings [cdbaby.com] ~ 10 songs. Instrumental 60's Rock.
A Child's Christmas, Holiday Songs & Carols by Susie Tallman [cdbaby.com] ~ 42 songs. Kids/Family: General Children's Music.
Caliban Does Christmas by The Caliban Quartet of Bassoonists [cdbaby.com] ~ 18 songs. Jazz Vocals.
17 Christmas Carols by Londonderry Boys Choir [cdbaby.com] ~ 17 songs. Holiday: Kids/Family.
The Christmas Dream by Patti Teel [cdbaby.com] ~ 11 songs. Kids/Family: Lullabies.
Sacred Season by Mayim [cdbaby.com] ~ 16 songs. Holiday: Easy Listening.
Christmas by Patrik Piano Maiani [cdbaby.com] ~ 13 songs. Solo piano.
Christmas by Cottonwood Creek Worship [cdbaby.com] ~ 6 songs. Holiday: Spiritual.
Folkin' Christmas by Shiver [cdbaby.com] ~ 6 songs. Instrumental folk.
It's Christmas by Charles Garris [cdbaby.com] ~ 12 songs. Urban/R&B.
On Christmas Morn by Pamela Bruner [cdbaby.com] ~ 14 songs. Celtic Folk.
Just a Justine Christmas by Justine Blazer [cdbaby.com] ~ 12 songs. Holiday: Pop.
A Dance for Christmas by Joe Bourne [cdbaby.com] ~ 15 songs. Holiday: Moods.
Christmas in the Cascades by Bells of the Cascades [cdbaby.com] ~ 14 songs. Instrumental.
Bubba Christmas by Dave Rudolf [cdbaby.com] ~ 16 songs. Country Pop.
On Angels' Wings by Ali Matthews [cdbaby.com] ~ 15 songs. Holiday: Spiritual.
Merry Christmas Deanie by Deanie Deal [cdbaby.com] ~ 4 songs. Holiday: Country.
A Different Kinda Christmas by Derek Smith [cdbaby.com] ~ 5 songs. Spiritual: Contemporary Gospel.
Christmas Valentine by Teo Macero [cdbaby.com] ~ 11 songs. Traditional Jazz Combo.
A Blessed Christmas by Brad D. Kepler [cdbaby.com] ~ 10 songs. Traditional Country.
A Simple Christmas (Remastered) by David Waldon [cdbaby.com] ~ 12 songs. Solo guitar.
It's Christmas Time by Northside Worship [cdbaby.com] ~ 4 songs. Holiday: Rock.
It's Christmas Time by Donna & Andy [cdbaby.com] ~ 22 songs. Holiday: Kids/Family.
From Above by Andrea Lynn Cianflone [cdbaby.com] ~ 11 songs. Classical: Traditional.
Hear Something Christmas by Various Artists [cdbaby.com] ~ 10 songs. Easy Listening: Adult contemporary.
Christmas Unplugged by OneVoice Gospel Choir [cdbaby.com] ~ 3 songs. Holiday: Spiritual.
Christmas in Vail by Pat Hamilton & Peter Vavra [cdbaby.com] ~ 14 songs. Easy Listening: Crooners/Vocals.
What's Christmas Got To Do With It by Cecil Homeboy Holden [cdbaby.com] ~ 4 songs. Blues Gospel.
La Caffepia;2002;our First Christmas by Paul Cavin [cdbaby.com] ~ 8 songs. Easy Listening: Crooners/Vocals.
Frankencat Christmas by Frank and Cathie Silano [cdbaby.com] ~ 4 songs. Spiritual: Praise & Worship.
Christmastime Is Here by Lafayette Harris Jr. [cdbaby.com] ~ 11 songs. Mainstream Jazz.
Just For Christmas by Albert Albee Amoroso [cdbaby.com] ~ 13 songs. World: Island.
Old Time Christmas Favorites by Yuko Ohigashi [cdbaby.com] ~ 23 songs. Solo piano.
In the Swing of Christmas by Park Swing Orchestra [cdbaby.com] ~ 10 songs. Jazz: Swing/Big Band.
Moon of Winter (A Christmas Collection) by Tony Chotem & Elizabeth McBurney [cdbaby.com] ~ 17 songs. Easy Listening: Mood Music.
Christmas, Just Between Friends by John Thyhsen / Barrington Coleman [cdbaby.com] ~ 12 songs. Traditional Jazz Combo.
Sounds of the Season by Maggie Sansone [cdbaby.com] ~ 20 songs. World: Celtic.
Heartbeat of Hope by Robert G. Butts [cdbaby.com] ~ 8 songs. Holiday: Spiritual.
Immanuel (The Greatest Gift) by Glen Johnson [cdbaby.com] ~ 10 songs. Spiritual: Instrumental Gospel.
Messiah by Koldasee [cdbaby.com] ~ 14 songs. Spiritual: Contemporary Christian.
Awaited by Crossroads [cdbaby.com] ~ 11 songs. Holiday: Pop.
Hark by Russell Cook [cdbaby.com] ~ 12 songs. Traditional Folk.
I Wish I Were With You by The Charlie Rogers Band [cdbaby.com] ~ 3 songs. Holiday: Country.
Miracle by Stefano [cdbaby.com] ~ 11 songs. Pop: Beatles-pop.
Winter Solstice by Terra Guitarra [cdbaby.com] ~ 11 songs. New Age: Contemporary Instrumental.
'tis the Season by Edy "Edwin" Smith [cdbaby.com] ~ 21 songs. Holiday: Easy Listening.
The Perfect Gift... Songs by Thomasina Petrus [cdbaby.com] ~ 7 songs. Easy Listening: American Popular Song.
(Volume #5) Paz En La Tierra (Peace On Earth) by Inca Son [cdbaby.com] ~ 12 songs. World: World Traditions.
The Christian Variety Pack by Seasons [cdbaby.com] ~ 17 songs. Spiritual: Alternative CCM.
Beary Christmoose by Brent Holmes, Marty The Moose & Bernie The Bear [cdbaby.com] ~ 13 songs. Kids/Family: General Children's Music.
Expectant by Exchange Church [cdbaby.com]
This Night by Wayne Burton [cdbaby.com]
Long Time Ago by Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team [cdbaby.com]
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