Loads Of Free Safety Posters from THINK!

Loads Of Free Safety Posters from THINK!

Found 29th Sep 2012
Stumbled across this government run website which is giving items free to the public, there are loads of posters in a range of sizes to choose from.
At worst the kids could draw on the backs of them.



Handy to have

Slowly going through these and ordering 1 of everything, this should be interesting lol..

Loads ordered thanks..but dont think we will get....lol

Great got mine so just ordered some more...

I don't think government money was spent on these posters so that you can use them for scrap paper. Are things that hard up north??! oO

I ordered these many years ago when I was a young teenager and felt bad about wasting government money then (which lets face it is all you're really doing) so I don't see why any adult should be ordering these unless they're for an organisation wanting to promote a safety campaign.
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Anyone seen that recent advert warning against being distracted at level crossings? Apparently, if you play eye-spy in the woods with your family during a centerparcs style happy bike excursion, your daughter will be thinking soooo hard she will wander onto a level crossing where she will turn around, guess the correct answer and get hit by a train in a dramatic fashion.

I wish I was joking.

Got mine delivered and used as part of an EHS initiative at work

What a waste of tax money!

I can't find any legitimate reason to order these free posters for display or use at home. Stop wasting resources. You don't *have* to grab everything that's going, even if you don't need it.

Great thanks, ordered these for a cycling safety session at my Scout group

I just ordered 3 small for my sons bedroom going to frame them (road safety/mobile) so hopefully he will see them and when he gets a mobile phone/mp3 etc will remember the posters and "THINK"

I'm not giving anything away!
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