Loads of Halloween Goodies, 25p at Tesco

Loads of Halloween Goodies, 25p at Tesco

Found 3rd Nov 2016Made hot 4th Nov 2016
Tesco have loads of Halloween treats reduced to 25p. Includes Screme Egg biscuits, Tangfastics, chocolate coins and loads more. Picture shows some of the selections, but they had pallets and pallets of the stuff in Tesco Broughton. Staff member said it is national. Enjoy and don't be sick!


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Sorry receipt in pic isn't very clear, can post clearer if any doubters

good find op, heat added

They're all 5p each in my local Tesco extra. Had hundreds of little chocolate pumpkins balls, scary chocolate coins etc. The mike and ikes Halloween edn were 15p though.

Searched my store yesterday and they had nothing. Depends what stock your store has left over

Still @ half price in Tesco Hindley but they are a bad Tesco the rolls are always short dated and the petrol is 2p more than the Wigan Tesco that is only 1 mile away.

That's why we can't delay... so let's have brexit today... all these Tesco states with different prices and laws
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