Loads of Lego at Tesco Clearance prices: Ninjago, City, Friends, Technic, Marvel Super Heros  etc

Loads of Lego at Tesco Clearance prices: Ninjago, City, Friends, Technic, Marvel Super Heros etc

LocalFound 26th Feb 2013
Popped into Borehamwood Tescos today and they were putting loads of Lego toys on the clearance shelves. Bought the following:

Lego City Police station 7498 £36
Lego City Forest Police Station 4440 £28
Lego City Fire Plane 4209 £19
Lego Ninjago Snake bike 9447 £9.50
Lego Ninjago Samurai Mech 9448 £14.50
Lego Marvel Super Heros Wolverine's Chopper Showdown 6866 £9.50

There was a Technic plane and a Friends item but can't remember the details. These items are far cheaper than on the Tesco direct website or anywhere else for that matter. They hadn't even put the yellow price labels up when I grabbed some but there was plenty there.
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I bought the lego friends Olivia's house set for £34 at tesco, western ave, cardiff. half RRP! Heat added. Must be most tescos then!
stock clearance for new lines. Good luck and +heat
No lego sales at the 4 nearest stores to me.
loads at Tesco long Eaton in nottingham
Luckily I am going in to town tomorrow so will check in store then. My local stores just don't stock much Lego.
Just got 3 different Star Wars sets. Think they are 9497 Republic Starfighter £19. 9498 Saesee Tins Jedi Starfighter £17. 9494 Anakins Jedi Interceptor £14. Also picked up the City Forest Police Station which comes in a big box for only £28. A few of these in Bradford Forster Square
Did they have any hobbit stock at long eaton store

loads at Tesco long Eaton in nottingham

what was in store?
check here for other lego items on offer

i've listed the ones i've found post 17

i love logo deals but hate hundreds of seperate posts, add them to your list if you like

summer riding camp £44
The Vampyre Hearse £12
the Mummy £4.50
Garbage Truck £7.00
the lego technic set is the jet plane (9394) - selling for £14!!!
in beckton store, many of these sets were priced incorrectly on the shelf, so no-one had touched them

i would normally be annoyed at tesco for this, but this just means that everyone else steers clear!
Thanks OP, I managed to snap up 4 different lego city sets for my lad's birthday. I found them plus others in Aberdeen Danestone store. I Also got the ninjago snake bike for £6.50 as they had labelled the shelf up wrong. Well worth the 50 mile round trip.
None of these deals at Tesco Widnes
Someone from Falkirk already listed few sets on eBay. Guess these are on sale as well - user ID kranders73 .

Unless he works for Tesco or used vouchers no much profit there. £28 4440 set for £37 + delivery

Guess no point of looking for any of them there

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A few of the above were available in Durrington Tesco.
Park Road in Loughborough had quite a bit in the sale last night, can't remember what though because I have nowhere to put any LEGO at the moment.
A few of them in Prescott but most not labelled correctly, St Helens had loads of different ones this morning
Any around leeds area at all?
In long Eaton notts. saesee tiins starfighter £ 14. at rt £13.50. anakins Jedi interceptor £17. marked up at £28 republic striker class starfighter £ 19 but marked up at £30. wolverines chopper £9.50. but marked up higher.
Llansamlet Swansea had about 20 of the Jungle Police Stations last night ... heat added
is there any monster fighters stuff does anyone know ??

is there any monster fighters stuff does anyone know ??

vampyre hearse, £12
They had the mummy £4.50 I think, but that was all at Aberdeen.
Got the samurai mech in bradley stoke, bristol bargain at £14.99
Managed to find a random Lego City Forest Police Station 4440 for £28 in Durrington Tesco, wasn't on the normal shelf but right at the top...scanned it and was pleased with the price so bought it. Must have missed this original post the other week.
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