Lobster 700TV on Virgin Mobile PAYG - Phone that plays TV!! £199.99 with £35 free airtime and £20 Qu

Lobster 700TV on Virgin Mobile PAYG - Phone that plays TV!! £199.99 with £35 free airtime and £20 Qu

Found 15th Oct 2006
This is exciting!! Virgin have the first ever mobile phone which can also play TV on their network - the aptly named Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV.

The phone costs £199.99 on Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go, and I don't suppose you can change the network it's on and get it unlocked, so you're going to have to stay on Virgin. But virgin supply you with £35 free airtime as a gift for buying it online. Seeing as you're going to be using Virgin anyway, the phone has effectively only cost you £164.99!! Like the thinking there?? Also, you can purchase through QuidCo.com for 10% cashback. I make that £20... so you *could* say, if you wanted to be cheeky, that the phone has only cost you £144.99. ;-)

I have to be ocmpletely truthful though. The website says, "Watching TV is free for 90 days on Pay As You Go. BBC One is available until at least October 2007 and it's always free." I've no idea how much TV will cost after the 90 days is up, but BBC One will be free for a year, so that's a good start. But the fact that you may have to pay just to watch the other channels, which currently only include E4, ITV1 and a "mobile version" of Channel 4, maybe the idea isn't quite ready. It's a fun plan and a great thing to wow your mates with, but maybe the world isn't quite ready for taking their TV out of the house with them. :-(

Anyway, enough from me... here's the proper blurb: The Lobster 700TV is exclsuive to Virgin Mobile. It's a Windows smartphone, manufactured by HTC, and has a built in digital TV tuner capable of showing programmes on it's 2.2 inch display. The 700TV receives TV using a new broadcast standard called DAB TV. You can watch BBC1, E4 and ITV1 plus C4 Mobile, which is a version of Channel 4, and also listen to DAB radio broadcasts. As well as being able to receive digital TV and radio the 700TV is a powerful smartphone running Windows Mobile 5. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera, expandable memory and Bluetooth.
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Hope you like my attempt at being a real mobile phone reviewing person there. :lol:
Remember is 5 pounds per monh for TV service if you are on PAYG
I've been working quite closely on a marketing campaign of this phone - the tv works via DAB digital radio waves.

It's free for life on contracts over £25 too and hopfully more channels soon
Thanks for the inside info fordy. :thumbsup: I didn't know what the prices were regarding after the 90 days.
PAYG: Its free for 90 days then £5 a month...

Other promos to tell, if you buy the phone in Virgin Megastore for around £200, you will get a £25 Virgin Megastore gift voucher so better to buy online via the above link.

On a contract above £25, you'll get the phone free, free tv for life and £50 gift voucher
But what does a lobster have to do with digital TV?!
Very good question!
Lobster is simply the name of the phone manufacturer. ;-) It was the model name I was referring to - 700TV.
I referred to this phone a week or so ago in another post about virgin motorola

My tip was to use the 'LifeStyleLanding' trick through quidco, saving another 20%.

so, 200 - 40 - 16 - 35 = 110 for a smartphone.

And it made by HTC, a good name in Smartphones... O2 exec, Jamin, etc.

the 35 credit would give you 7 months viewing in addition to the free 3 months.

you need to use the virgin simcard to view tv though (it holds the access key).

the last time i looked at the Virgin website, it offered the phone on the £20 a month contract.
I would not mind a phone like this, I just don't like the disign of it
I think it's designed to bring to attention it's a TV. It has the DAB and TV logos on the back.
I'm not a fan of the form factor either. I guess it's called a Lobster because it looks like a lobster claw.
Lobster is a brand name used for a number of Virgin phones.
This one though is an HTC who have a good reputation.
This site has a good review:

I'm still seriously tempted, even though I'm going abroad for 6 months, because this is still a very good price for a Smartphone.
Runs on Windows Live I think it is
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