Lobster Tails £5 at Aldi half price

Lobster Tails £5 at Aldi half price

Found 24th Dec 2016Made hot 24th Dec 2016
At Aldi Nationwide


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£2.50 now

It's tailing off.....................................or the will be in a few days...well off

£2.99 in our local and nice they are too.

not reducing below 50% at Chatteris and they have about 30 to 40 use by 26th

they can keep them, no bigger that a decent piece of scampy

awesome i just picked these up for 99p and the fully dresses lobster at 14.99 for 1.98 each


I just visited my local ALDI and not a reduction in sight - no bother, I understand the geographic/ demographic nature of these in-store reductions. Oh well, picked up a few bottles of the H-Weston produced cider whilst there so happy and able to Vote Hot anyway!

£5 in Sheffield. Most of the extra special items were half price:-)

Heads or.......

Bit silly voting hot on deals like this as will be individual offers at specific stores as will be the case for all Xmas stock at most supermarkets
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