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Cheap Calls to India(0.7p) and other countries payg @ LocalPhone
Found 5th Oct 2015Found 5th Oct 2015
Cheap Calls to India(0.7p) and other countries payg @ LocalPhone
Cheapest way to call India and otrher countries if you have minutues on your phone or through wifi if low on Minutues. No need to carry additional cheap phone around. Seems there a… Read more
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I've been using local phone for a few years now and also on almost a daily basis to make a quick call to my husband who is working abroad. Local phone give you a local 03 number which you register in your account so you don't need 08 calls included in your package. Prices are very competitive and There is a call price checker on the moneysavingexpert website which tells you the cheapest company to use based on your destination call.


​They get paid out of the connection charges so they're open about how the make their money


Speak in a Home Counties accent & call your self Sanjay. ​Ask them to shut Windows. Then reopen Windows.


Made me laugth, why is it a cheap dig ? More like social obversation of modern life.


​Apologies, i meant the people complaining about call centres, They should take it up with the head offices in the west and ask why?

Localphone - cheap PAYG alternative, 1.8p/min
Found 21st Mar 2014Found 21st Mar 2014
Localphone - cheap PAYG alternative, 1.8p/min
1.8p/min to mobiles and 0.5p/min to landlines using mobile/PC/tablet app. Hi all, I was one of the victim of ovivo debacle. So when the network was down I was looking for alternat… Read more
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You can run voip over ip also callback also local number relay. Winner.


The only difference is that the display number your contacts get is of your mobile phone. So your contacts think you are calling from your mobile


it is not realy mobile alternative. same as viber or Skype. useless where no wifi available. if you using 3g then you need mobile network anyway! .. or am I missing something?

Free Calls to Norway for a whole week with Localphone
LocalLocalFound 1st Feb 2013Found 1st Feb 2013
Free Calls to Norway for a whole week with Localphone
Free Calls to Norway With Localphone you can get a whole week of free calls to landlines in Norway! From now to 7 February you can pick up the phone for free
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Thanks, all those prank phone calls I was making to A-ha were costing me a fortune.


Why would you want to phone Norway for a whole week?


Its all Greek to me?


Stunning deal have a couple old pen pals out there

Free Calls to Switzerland with Localphone
Found 15th Jan 2013Found 15th Jan 2013
Free Calls to Switzerland with Localphone
Free Calls to Switzerland Get free unlimited calls to landlines in Switzerland absolutely free until 12pm (Noon) GMT on 16th January
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thought you would phone to check your own offshore bank account balance :)


Great - now I can call and find out how much Boots, Starbucks, Amazon etc have in their offshore bank accounts!

Free Calls to Singapore
Found 25th Oct 2012Found 25th Oct 2012
Free Calls to Singapore
Want to call family or friends who live in Singapore for free? You can! until 12pm (Noon) GMT 30th October. Enjoy!!
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Chances are then that your Thai bride will be a "working girl" and a 1 minute hunt with the aid of Google finds a place called Strumms where "You have taken the first step into the world of entartainment, excitement, and ultra cool." Their phone number is +65 6887 4824...hope this helps you! BTW note the spelling of "entertainment"...lol


Brilliant - brother and his family live in Singapore !


Cool!!!! I can order my Thai bride and the call will not cost me a penny!!

A whole week of free calls to landlines in Malaysia @ localphone
Found 5th Oct 2012Found 5th Oct 2012
A whole week of free calls to landlines in Malaysia @ localphone
A whole week of free calls to landlines in Malaysia Get unlimited calls to landlines in Malaysia absolutely free until 12pm (Noon) GMT on 10th October
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Just in time for Malaysia Week!

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Free unlimited landline Calls to Peru 
Found 18th Sep 2012Found 18th Sep 2012
Free unlimited landline Calls to Peru 
Get unlimited calls to landlines in Peru absolutely free until 12pm (Noon) GMT on 21st September.
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Time for a few prankies to peru !!! ;)


Next week Matabeleland :)


Get unlimited calls to landlines in Peru absolutely free until 12pm (Noon) GMT on 21st September


Oh thank goodness, just what I was looking for.


great for paddington bear then

Free Calls to Mexico
Found 23rd Aug 2012Found 23rd Aug 2012
Free Calls to Mexico
Get unlimited calls to landlines in Mexico absolutely free until 12pm (Noon) GMT on 28th August. Great news if you have any friends or family who you want to call!
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Anybody got any phone numbers for Mexico that I can call ???


Why do they never have these deals to places I actually want to call. :3


nice idea boss hehe :-)


ha ha no no


I need to find a Mexican girlfriend, send her to her home then call her lol

Free Calls to Greece
Found 31st May 2012Found 31st May 2012
Free Calls to Greece
Because our calls are free from hidden charges like connection fees or expensive access numbers, Localphone is cheaper than calling cards to Greece that may advertise a lower rate.… Read more
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I have them as a backup voip service on my siemens gigaset c475. Can't beat voipcheap.com though.


Any1 used these?

Free calls to China for four days when you sign up for Localphone.
Found 21st Jan 2012Found 21st Jan 2012
Free calls to China for four days when you sign up for Localphone.
Just sign up for Localphone. You will have free Calls to China for Chinese New Year Call Chinese landlines and mobiles for four days starting Sunday 22nd January and talk for as… Read more

agreed fully but as you say while it works it is free and good


same old betamax company with new name. will change the rates and packages without informing you. free destinations change quite frequently, so need to keep on eye. I am using them for few years now, how ever no customer service or anywhere you can ask for help. oO


I must be being a bit thick because I am not sure what your comment refers to. The following countries are all free Canada  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* China  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Czech Republic  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* Denmark  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Estonia  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* Finland  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* France  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Germany  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Greece  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Hong Kong  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Hungary  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Ireland  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* Italy  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* Japan  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Malaysia  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* Morocco  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Netherlands  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* New Zealand  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Norway  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* Peru  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Poland  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Portugal  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* Slovenia  (Landline) FREE*   FREE* South Korea  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Spain  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Sweden  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* Switzerland  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* United Kingdom  (Landline) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* United States  (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!** FREE*   FREE* I didnt say every country in the world was but to me that is a better deal than 4 days free to China only.


You may transform any number to UK local landline number via your Localphone account. Then use your registered mobile/landline to make the call. You don't pay to your mobile/landline provider if you have free minutes included in your mobile/landline contract. You pay to Localphone for the minutes. Alternatively, download Localphone Internet Phone software to make the call using a computer or an iphone, then you only pay to Localphone.


do I need to pay the local call fees?

double credit + £10 quidco casback for new signup @localphone voip provider
Found 4th Jan 2012Found 4th Jan 2012
double credit + £10 quidco casback for new signup @localphone voip provider
the £10 cashback is open to everybody but double credit is only for students (.ac or .edu email required) get the double credit voucher by entering your student email address her… Read more

Minimum payment via Paypal is £10. Or pay via credit/Debit. Would you give that well known company Localphone your CC details!! Good luck!!


Heat added purely for the Quidco offer


Reposting to make the links clickable .. the £10 cashback is open to everybody but double credit is only for students (.ac or .edu email required) get the double credit voucher by entering your student email address here -- http://www.localphone.com/students Then go via quidco to signup for a new account http://www.quidco.com/localphone/. You can signup with a different email address now. Purchase some credit to qualify for the quidco cashback. (using the voucher code sent to student address) Quidco terms dont mention a minimum purchase amount so you might be able to get the cash back with just a £1 punt ! The maximum extra credit you can get is £10 quidco says the cashback is £6, however I signed up last night and it has tracked for £10 instead :) you can also choose to pay in dollars if you are thinking of using the service long term to save 20% VAT on all future purchases, but then the max free credit will be $10 not £10. which country did you check for?.. they are the cheapest provider other than the crappy betamax clones


too expensive rates, cold


might use this

Localphone.com: Free Calls to Spain Landlines
Found 12th Dec 2010Found 12th Dec 2010
Localphone.com: Free Calls to Spain Landlines
"To help you celebrate over the festive season we’re giving away 100% free calls to landlines in Spain—no strings attached! This offer is available to all customers, new and old, a… Read more

Be aware you have to dial a local access number to make the call. If you do not have free inclusive minutes you could be paying - to BT for example - an 11p call setup charge AND 7p per minute. Hardly free! I use 18185 (who do not use local access numbers) and have done for years - see here - 18185 website


Could be useful.

FREE international calls to 34 different countries for Valentines day... Localcall... get your account and benefit from great call charges
Found 12th Feb 2010Found 12th Feb 2010
FREE international calls to 34 different countries for Valentines day... Localcall... get your account and benefit from great call charges
. Sing up for a free account................... benefit from.................. Special promotion from "Localcall" third party telephone call provider. Prices normally as cheap … Read more

EDIT1: I think I got it now! Just to confirm: 1) I use the direct dial number instead of the normal international number. 2) Localphone will be the "middle-man" and connect the call from the direct dial number and the international number. 3) I pay the rate which is shown on the page. (In this case 0p per min) 4) I pay for nothing as I'm using my free minutes on my mobile phone to dial the direct dial (In this case is a 0207 number) 5) There are no hidden charges for me? What about the receiver? Many thanks.


I have been using localphone for over two years and the rates are much better than skype and the service is much easier to use because you are not to a PC to make calls. Let's face it skype's rates are really high to mobiles? I will be calling my girlfriend in the US on the 14th for sure. Great deal.


Likewise. I've had an account with them for 18 months. I don't use it that much, so paying a monthly skype fee would be stupid for me. My localcall payments in the whole time Ive used them, have been about £5 total. This offer makes it a no brainer to join and use, even if its just for a day and zero spend. But then, that's assuming you have a brain! :w00t:


I am a Localphone and skype user. Both are good but for me I personally prefer the Localphone service as the quality is excellent and easy to use. I dial a uk number and it dials my freinds who are currently in Thailand. This offer is really good although Localphone are not expensive anyhow. Would def recommend this offer and the service they provide...


And which counties does this include - Essex and Northumberland?

Five Days of Free Calls to the USA for Thanksgiving
Found 27th Nov 2009Found 27th Nov 2009
Five Days of Free Calls to the USA for Thanksgiving
Starting at 5am GMT on Wednesday 25th November (midnight Eastern Time) and lasting until 10am GMT on Monday 30th (midnight in Hawaii), calls to all landlines and mobiles in the Uni… Read more

Ah, never had the problem. I find that they are even fairly lax about which IP addresses (ie more than one!) you use if from, as long as you don't go silly! Either that or they just don't bother to check!


nicaj - i like your comments, seems we both have an interest in this area. Localphone is a good company and they allow you to top up with as little as £1! If you use a softphone from your computer, the calls to the USA are actually FREE. They allow you to use your credit for sending SMS (although they are a bit expensive), calling card feature with a local or 0800 access number and VoIP. I luckily made an account before they started charging for UK DIDs! Re: Betamax, their FUP is really winding me up. I get FUP'd at random time even though I have not exceeded the minutes, probably because I am using Voxalot for least cost routing of my calls!!!! The only way to avoid the FUP is to run my own PBX to do the least cost routing at home which will cost me £50/year so not really money saving. Once I have used up all my credit, I'm going to switch to Vyke which charge 2p for 01/02 calls for upto 1hr in the UK!


Who are paying extra for the privilege, when using other methods to get cheap calls (even paying for them!) would work out cheaper for MANY users, as you would just about have to be permanently on calls to get your money's worth!


I guess it works well for people who have the Unlimited Anytime Plan with BT or something equivalent.


The calls are generally NOT free.. they will be charged at local rate, so one way or another you are paying, either through paying for a contract with BT or whoever, which charges extra for all-inclusive calls (if they do allow you to call these!), or on a per-minute/per-call basis at whatever the rate is at that time. I suppose on BT the weekend free calls will be actually free, but not the rest of the time. There is rarely such a thing as a FREE lunch, but there are options where you can get it pretty near! eg. First of all, Dont' bother at all with an all inclusive contract with the line rental, thereby saving that money and try these as options instead: Finearea companies (eg. Voipcheap.co.uk) give WEEKS of genuinely free calls (90 or 120 days) all over the place, inc. the UK and many overseas destinations when you pay for a top up (varies, but round about a tenner), then when the freebies end, you still have the full amount of credit to use afterwards! (involves using VOIP either on a PC or a standalone unit) OR Try Call 18866 and similar companies who charge you only for the connection to many destination and you get an hour of calls included (without being charged by BT for the call time), for about 5p. Unless at the free weekend local calls period, BT will charge this for your "Free" call to this company to connect you to the US. There are other options too, and it doesn't work for every destination, but most of the time it will be cheaper than than this one off NOT-quite- free offer!

Cheap international calls from 1p@Localphone.com
Found 10th Jun 2009Found 10th Jun 2009
Cheap international calls from 1p@Localphone.com
free sign up and credit from £3.......get a local number,then using your free mobile minutes access the number to get connected....Australia starts at just 1p minute,plus the call … Read more

how do you verify account plz?


I just used Paypal for a £10 topup (£10 being the Paypal minimum) £1.30 VAT surcharge (13%??) will test service tomorrow as it seems my payment is still "processing" Is there a surcharge when using a debit or credit card???


Hi, does any1 know how you top up ur credit with this? is it by credit card and if so how safe would putting my credit card details in be?


I have plenty of spare inclusive minutes. What is disappointing for me was not being able to have multiple home locations, as I wanted my sister in Spain to call off my account.


unless I'm wrong with this service you pay for the calls (debited from the balance you to up) and also pay or consume your free mobile minutes. I think the call checker from MSE using a 0845 number is more straight forward unless you need to make call from mobiles because you don't have a landline.....