Loch Ness DVD - Only £2.99 Delivered at HMV

Loch Ness DVD - Only £2.99 Delivered at HMV

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Found 4th Mar 2010
Now I am sure I am about to be battered over the head by the cold police ....


my dad wanted this and so I went looking for it and was shocked to find HMV were the cheapest by a long shot.... The hut and a couple of others are pretty cheap but HMV win....

Even cheaper than ebay !

Quircky little movie and great and a rainy sunday afternoon !


I used to live near Loch Ness and remember going with there with my Dad as a little boy and watching them recover a WW2 Wellington Bomber from the bottom , think its been rebuilt . Hot from me at least !

No Dr Dempsey, you gotta believe it to seeeee it (it cute scottich accent)

...or something!
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