Loch Ness Monster ladle £3.99 (Set of 3 - £7.99) @ rahsiasg via eBay

Loch Ness Monster ladle £3.99 (Set of 3 - £7.99) @ rahsiasg via eBay

Found 5th Oct 2016
It's about £3.50.

Designed to let you cook in style and bring enjoyment to your cooking. Perfect novelty gift for friends/family and fun for everyone!


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Watch he don't leave a turd

The photo used in the first post is misleading. This deal is not for a Ototo branded ladle (which sells for £12.95 in John Lewis), but for a generic chinese knock-off (which incidentally you can order from China for 99p, see for example ebay item 291624707255).
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Once you put him in the pan you'll never see him again.

I've got to say, I've got a Nessie and he's a little floppy oO Got me some brownie points as a silly gift, but, we've gone back to using the normal ladle....
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