Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels - Complete TV Series DVD Set - now  £4.65 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels - Complete TV Series DVD Set - now £4.65 delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

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ock, stock ...& four stolen hooves (pilot movie) Four mates, Bacon, Jamie, Lee and Moon, get on the wrong side of neighbourhood porn king 'Miami Vice' by getting their hands on his shipment of porn and a rare 'erotic timepiece' and then by accidentally stealing his prize racehorse 'Sherbet'. lock, stock ...& 200 smoking kalashnikovs The lads get stung by a scam known as the 'Limehouse Lag'. Meanwhile, Miami is doing some problem solving of his own, with the aid of a consignment of Kalashnikov rifles. lock, stock ...& a fistfull of jack & Jill The lads buy a batch of dodgy viagra pills from the Dutchies, unfortunately their punters include local hard man Larry Harmless and a gang known as the Gadiffi Brothers. The result? Carnage for all involved. lock, stock ...& spaghetti sauce Spaghetti Eddie, rival porn king to Miami Vice is on the scene, and he's nicking Miami's Lapland girls for his TV channel 'sauce TV'! Meanwhile, the lads are in a spot of bother with local porn merchant 'Deep Throat'. lock, stock ...& two sips The lads are forced to put up bad boy 'Two Sips' at their pub 'The Lock'. Unfortunately he has started bumping off Miami's henchmen. Can the lads put a stop to this crazed hit-man before Miami Vice finds out? lock, stock ...& one big bullock The lads get into the (not so) fresh meat business, but when supplied by Moon's crusty cousins, things are bound to go Pete Tong! Add drug crazed gangsters and the Russian Mafia and things get well interesting! lock, stock ...& a good slopping out Miami gets the lads banged up in HMP Nickham to get a key from the recently incarcerated 'Toothless'. The key belonged to Miami's arch rival Jimmy Silver and if the key isn't forthcoming the lads are looking at an unpleasant stretch.


Did you post this because Vinnie just got his ar*e kicked?


Was it a tv series?
I didnt realise, thought it was a movie.


Was it a tv series?I didnt realise, thought it was a movie.

It was a TV series on Channel 4, came out a couple of years after the film, I think.
From what I remember it wasn't too bad, especially if you like the goings on of some propa nawty geezers.

(PS: the thread title is incorrect, it is only called "Lock, Stock..."... there are no smoking barrels!)

Don't confuse this with the film.
The film was excellent. The TV series was rushed out to cash in on the films' success ... and is utter s**t

The first ep is almost feature length, like lock stock but a smaller budget. Not too bad.
From then on its 30-40 minute episodes and they get worse as they go on. Martin Freeman (Tim out of the office) plays a Dutch stoner around episode 4. After watching that one I had no desire to watch the rest of the series. Not a bad price but I reckon £3 would be a more suitable price for this.

I wish people would stop posting the Tesco discount code for everything Tesco sell, its getting boring now.
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