Lock's Quest (DS) for £9.78 @ PowerPlay Direct with 2% off voucher (Plus 4% Quidco)

Lock's Quest (DS) for £9.78 @ PowerPlay Direct with 2% off voucher (Plus 4% Quidco)

Found 15th Apr 2009
This game is mean to be like a Tower Defense sort of game for the DS, and I hear it is really good. If you use the voucher above and Quidco then you should get it for just £9.39 from PowerPlay Direct.
Otherwise, if you prefer you can get it for £9.99 from Play (or £9.59 with Quidco): play.com/Gam…K73

Product description
Build and Battle for the Ultimate Construction Combat ever! From the creators of Drawn to Life, is the next new hit game Lock's Quest!
A diabolical mechanical army devastates a kingdom as village after village fell under their wrath. Only a young, brave hero, Lock, is the kingdom's last hope to survive the oncoming invasion. As a newly trained Archineer, Lock must utilise his skills to build customised towers, traps, walls, weapons, and other defenses in order preserve the precious source artifacts.

Two modes of play:-
In Building Mode: Utilize strategy to build structures, walls, weapons, and traps in order to protect the source artifacts
In Battle Mode: Use the stylus to battle robotic invaders; Launch special attacks moves to quickly eliminate enemies; Collect scrap metal after each defeat to build additional structures and weaponry

Build and battle in 100 different areas with varying terrains on the map
Multiplayer: Play with friends and battle against other kingdoms via Wi-Fi
Flag-Creator: Create and design a unique flag to represent your kingdom.

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Why the cold vote? If it's cheaper elsewhere please let me know so that I can save money too! :?
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