Loctite superglue £1 @ poundland

Loctite superglue £1 @ poundland

Found 20th Jan 2015
Loctite super glue in Poundland! I've seen this at £3-£5
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This deal wont 'stick' around for long...
Super tight
Cheap and tacky.
It was 48p in Morrisons before Christmas, also going to be £1.48 in Aldi after Thursday.
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48p, in morisons
Is there actually any difference between branded superglue and the 8 pack for a pound stuff? They all go solid after a while anyway so may as well get the cheapest.
Loctite stuff will actually stick stuff together whereas 8 for a £1 is like buying pritt stick! Good stuff this is! Heat added.
Does this stick the lid to the tube, like the 8-for-a-pound ones?
In most cases, there isn't a difference. Cyanoacetate repair glues are all based on methyl acrylics, the main difference being the quantity, dispenser, and the "gel" versions.
Supposedly, freezing (or at least refrigerating) extends the usable life of both unopened and used tubes, although I find as long as you wipe any excess off the tip, keep sealed and upright; it lasts for ages.

I guess it's possible that the cheapo tubes are filled from the end of a older mix or something, but would expect that to be more hassle than it's worth.
Top tip : To make super glue work better, moisten the surfaces you want to stick.
Whatever I attempt to repair with cyanoacrylate glue, whether branded or not, it usually results in accidentally bonding my skin.
As has already been said, the unbranded ones are likely to be the same as branded ones, although I have found the gel type more useful.
Found the 8 multipack in Poundland works best.
anyone know if they dilute this product specifically for discount stores? :P
Has anyone else found that superglue etc. is not as strong as it used to be? Have they made it weaker for health and safety reasons or anything?
Should keep the wife quiet for a bit ;-)
Hot. Paid £3.50 in asda today.
Google 'super glue baking soda' for some good tips on creating a strong filler.

I bought some of the UHU Power adhesive from Poundland to glue the soles back on a pair of walking boots and they're still going strong 6 months later. I'd been using glue all wrong before that and had no idea how contact adhesives are supposed to be used, so thought most glue was cack.
This is about £6 in other places! Although I can almost guarantee this wont be in my local Poundland
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