Loft Conversion Project Guide Free eBook download from publisher £28.45 @ Amazon

Loft Conversion Project Guide Free eBook download from publisher £28.45 @ Amazon

Found 15th Sep 2012
I stumbled upon this while looking for information about the book before deciding on whether or not to buy from Amazon - obviously I decided not to buy and downloaded it for free instead.

Free Download Direct Link:…de/

Hard Copy £28.45 @ Amazon and £29.38 @ the bookdepository

Hope it helps someone.

Book Description.

This easy-to-use guide to loft conversions - the first to be supported by the department for Communities and Local Government - provides building control officers, builders and DIY enthusiasts with up-to-date and reliable guidance on achieving compliance with the Building Regulations. The author has brought together solutions offered in the Approved Documents and third-party guidance, such as industry literature, in one concise and fully illustrated guide. Starting with chapters on the existing structure and proposed structure, the guide is then divided into chapters on the main considerations for a loft conversion, covering topics such as fire safety, windows and doors, and insulation.

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Excellent find, thanks for posting!
probably won't ever get round to reading it like the rest of free books i have but cheers OP.

downloaded anyway.
Just got it, thanks.
Thanks. We're considering having the loft done. Great find - a true hot deal.
excellent find
Very helpful. Thanks, OP!
Great find... Covers all of the possibilities when considering a loft conversion.
cheers ,
Excellent find
Note to self, download when I get home.
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