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Log Cabin House TOULOUSE (44mm+44mm, insulation + BRF) 100m² - £74,053 @ Quick-Garden

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About this deal

Free delivery in 6-8 weeks. Delivery time may vary depending on item availability, manufacturing, and logistics. Contact us for an estimate.
The price includes double glazing, flooring, delivery, offloading, hardware kit & VAT.

Model Highlights
• 2 bedrooms and an additional room which could be transformed into a guest room, providing privacy for all family members.
• A large main living area, where you could easily set up several zones for lounging, open kitchen and dining.
• Spacious covered terrace, offering a lovely area for outdoor lounging.
• A beautiful balcony for greeting the morning sun with a cup of coffee or tea.
• 2 spacious bathrooms – one on each floor.

TOULOUSE could probably win your heart if you have always admired traditional architectural aesthetics and want a functional and cosy living space. Considering its compact structure and spacious internal area, this house is one of the most popular choices among those looking for a mid-size or larger living space. Depending on the thermal insulation option of your choice, this beautiful house could be perfectly adaptable for all year round use or serve as a charming family vacation space.

Thermal Insulation / BRF (Building Regulation Friendly)
This prefabricated wooden house features a residential-grade thermal insulation. Due to the 175 mm thickness polyurethane boards used for roof insulation, insulated floors (200 mm) and walls (120 mm), utmost level of residential comfort is ensured. This BRF house also features white PVC windows and doors, which are included in the price. Whether you are coming for a brief stay or will use your house as a primary residence, you will feel warm and cosy all year long.

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  1. Avatar
    Why not spend nearly £75k on this? You have nothing TOULOUSE!
    Oh....that's good.
  2. Avatar
    I'm just here for the comments... il take my seat in the corner.
  3. Avatar
    Not a council in the country that would let you put it in your garden
    It’s supposed to be your house I’m guessing, in which case every council in the country would prefer it to bricks and mortar
  4. Avatar
    I’ve no idea if this is a deal or not? How much are they usually?

    Even if I could, I wouldn’t buy one.
  5. Avatar
    Mine arrived without instructions in the box
  6. Avatar
    Just checked bank balance, slightly short. Someone want to loan me the remaining 74..k? (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Still waiting for mine .... might have to cancel my order as it was going to be a Christmas present and it now looks like Royal Mail have lost my parcel , Again !! (edited)
  8. Avatar
    I'm waiting for the commentary. My popcorn is ready.
  9. Avatar
    Bought a couple for eBay
  10. Avatar
    Should you go for one: Heads you win, tails toulouse!
  11. Avatar
    We watch that North American show Masters of Flip and when you watch them renovate American homes you realise they are nothing more than wooden sheds with maybe a brick fireplace. The homes use roof shingles as the weight of concrete tiles would just make them collapse.

    Anyway on the show they usually take a 140k heap, tart it up and ask 340k, makes me feel that this is really nice value even when you add on the extras.
  12. Avatar
    In this list of stupid ways to spend £74k, this must be in the top 3
  13. Avatar
    This has got me interested. What is the most expensive post on this app.
  14. Avatar
    get in before the scalpers do!
  15. Avatar
    Looks great, as long as ur kids don't like playing with matches
  16. Avatar
    sold out. fed up of the EBAY SCALPERS.
  17. Avatar
    I'll wait for an Amazon Warehouse used - acceptable to pop up.
  18. Avatar
    Imagine the questions people would ask if it was advertised on Amazon, like can all the doors be opened for people to go in and out!
  19. Avatar
    Does anyone know if it comes with the flowers and patio furniture?
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
    i wonder if this would be warmer than our new build cavanna house. would have been cheaper as well.
    Not after you have paid for the land for it to sit on it wouldn't be
  22. Avatar
    Not bad if it comes with the land to put it on.
  23. Avatar
    As long as that includes the pictured car and bicycle 🚲 🚙
  24. Avatar
    Isn’t the idea that this is your house ? Not something in your garden.
    Yes you just need a couple hundred grand for the land
  25. Avatar
    Would a park home site welcome this? It would make a nice holiday/retirement pad.

    Edit, i've just found a plot of land in Tenerife for 15,000 Euros, i wonder how much the delivery would be. (edited)
  26. Avatar
    free postage...I'm in : )
  27. Avatar
    Circa 25k for installation, A base for it to sit on an extra 15k. Land, for the house, circa 200k. So this 74k wooden house will actually cost you in excess of 300k. That's a very nice bricks and mortar house (Anywhere north of the M25) (edited)
  28. Avatar
    anyone have a unidays discount I could use?
  29. Avatar
    Heat! Perfect man cave for anyone on a budget
  30. Avatar
    Got a vision of this being delivered, massive industrial sized boxes, forklifts and all sorts, to get it all into your plot, and then you open the box containing the instructions to find all it comes with is one of those small allen keys and a 5 page guide that's all in chinese.
  31. Avatar
    I don’t get the point in this.
    None of us pions would be allowed planning to throw one of these up on our own land.
  32. Avatar
    Gone with the wind classic (edited)
  33. Avatar
    20,000 for installation cost. nice ;p
  34. Avatar
    Could fit this at the bottom of my garden, now would it add £74k to the value of the house?
  35. Avatar
    Austin says "Hello! Our Sales Specialist will be happy to help you. Type your email address to start a chat." Should I say the truth to him?
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