Logic 4-Socket Extension Cable - Twin Pack, so 8 Sockets for only £2.87 @ Currys (C&C)

Logic 4-Socket Extension Cable - Twin Pack, so 8 Sockets for only £2.87 @ Currys (C&C)

Found 5th JanMade hot 5th Jan
Another deal on extension sockets, seems plenty of stock around at the moment... Twin pack, so 8 sockets for £2.87 is a bargain

Go via Quidco/TCb for some pennies back in Cashback

Type Extension lead twin pack
Number of sockets 4 on each extension cable
Amps 13 A
Power indicator Yes
Safety features
- Shuttered sockets
- Fitted with 13 A fused plug

Colour White
Power cord length 2 m

Also available as a 6-way extension (Single Pack) for £3.49

Again, still a lot of stock around



Await the cold votes and negative comments. Too cheap means dangerous to some of the eejits who frequent HUKD.

Heat from me quality deal

Hot deal as these will probably catch fire....joke. Good deal, voted hot, although nearest store with stock is 20 miles away from me.

shame there not switched sockets

None in the 9 stores near me

none in any stores near BA13


oos from last week , deal posted already.

wondering if these have the holes on back for wall mounting.

i just c&c 2 at Falkirk so in stock. good deal OP thanks

Don't think this is surge protected. I never thought it was important until we realised it was the fridge motor cycling on/off, in the kitchen, that was making the lounge TV restart. As soon as we replaced the 10 year old, knackered surge protector with a new one the problem was gone.

Nothing wrong with a cheap one, much rather have a £2.99 surge protector taking the spikes than an expensive TV or computer, but I think it is worth getting something surge protected and replacing it when the surge protection light goes out.

That said, this is a great price if you know what you're getting. You won't come close to beating this, with or without surge protection, at normal prices. I think the cheapest comparable would be a three socket plug with about 20cm cable for £1 each in the pound shops.



Nothing within 30+miles of Watford.

none in london

Sorry got the last one in store Watford, they are really good quality for price

Nothing near me!

are they available in store too has anybody picked them up?

Went to get mine today and they weren't there, didn't realise it was only a 24 hour reservation. However they sold me 4 single 4x extension sockets for 99p each, so even better!
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