Logic3 dual charger for Nintendo DS Lite / DSi - £1 at Poundland

Logic3 dual charger for Nintendo DS Lite / DSi - £1 at Poundland

Found 3rd Aug 2010
I bought a Logic3 branded Nintendo DS Lite charger from the Bootle Poundland yesterday. It charges 2 DS Lite's at the same time! Very handy for us as we have 2 DS lites in the house.

I believe it will also work for the DSi.

This is cheaper than a chinese ebay import!

They had loads in stock. No idea how far and wide they have spread.
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Are you sure it works with DSI ? Because the charger socket on the DS and DSI are different sizes.
it says dual so its dsi i and ds lite.
It's got 2 adapters on the end, one for DS and one for DSi, as can be seen in the picture.
Been looking for one of these cheap. Hope there are some left in our Poundland.
I'd be very careful with this. My friend and I bought the standard DS lite version of this. His charger blew up at the wall, mine made a high pitch whine when it was turned on and I decided I shouldn't use it...
be sure to check voltage on back of them as a few years ago I bought 3 logic 3 charges for GBA and they sat in a draw for a while when I came to use one on my sons GBA it was charging fine he was playing at same time it was only when I took the GBA off him to see his high score I noticed it was very very hot , too hot. Turns out the charger output was 6 volts (it was on the sticker) gba only takes 3 volts (I'm going by memory here so forgive the figures if you know better ) but the point remains check voltage on charger and voltage requirments of DS/DSI etc
I recently bought a 3-in-1 USB cable that would charge iPod/PSP/DS at the 99p store. Which is more useful then this, as I can plug it into my Mains/Car USB charger. A better combination for £1 more. The main or car USB charger was bough from Poundland.
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the usb cable wont work with dsi though
Because you said it's for DS. DSi is a different connector.

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