Logic3 MIP167G FM Transmitter for ipod 2Gen Nano £1.95 at Tesco.com
Logic3 MIP167G FM Transmitter for ipod 2Gen Nano £1.95 at Tesco.com

Logic3 MIP167G FM Transmitter for ipod 2Gen Nano £1.95 at Tesco.com

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This Logic3 MIP167G FM Transmitter for ipod 2Gen Nano transmits on any FM frequency between 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz. Displays FM frequency on iPods screen, 10 Frequency Memory Storage, 30 Pin Pass Through Port for charging, no batteries required. Powered by iPod.

Nice filler item.


looks cheap as chips :thumbsup:

Great - just what I was looking for! Thanks!

It might look odd, but is there any reason why this wouldn't work on a ipod touch?

Nice one, I have persevered in the past with AAA battery powered FM transmitters and the batteries drain so quickly, but this looks very neat and a great price. Just ordered, although a fiver for delivery something so small is ridiculous. Decided to pick it up, but our new store where we live doesn't do collections! The humanity! Going to have to drive 5 miles to pick it up on monday. Cushty.

Ordered a pink one for £2.24 and collected it today.

Just to help people, we've got a 4G Ipod Nano and it works fine with it.
Looks ugly but it does the job.

It didn't register on an Ipod Touch.

I'm looking to get an FM transmitter for use with my 80GB Classic iPod and I'm after a bit of advice.
I don't really want to spend the earth (no more than £15-20) but at the same time I don't want to end up with something that's pretty shoddy.
I used to use a cassette adaptor and was quite happy with that, but my new car only has a CD player, and who uses those nowadays ;o).
I've been looking at the Griffin I-trip and Belkin tunemaster (i think it was called), but again they either seem to get poor reviews (older models) or cost a bomb (newer models). I want to avoid the no-name adapters which seem to have flooded ebay and amazon.

If any one has got any advice or views on this, I would really appreciate hearing them. If anyone knows of any good deals on at the minute, even better!

still available as of today
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