Logic3 Move Machine Gun (PS3) £12.95 + £1.99 Delivery (Pre-Order) Amazon

Logic3 Move Machine Gun (PS3) £12.95 + £1.99 Delivery (Pre-Order) Amazon

Found 27th Oct 2010
Pretend your Rambo while shooting baddies with this 'realistic' PS3 machine gun!

Uses both Move controllers, with the Navi Controller fitted into the hand grip, so you can comfortably shoot and move at the same time.

Compatible with PS Move shooting games, convert your PS Move Controllers into a realistic Machine Gun. Its lightweight and clever design incorporates a realistic trigger click-action. Allows full access to all buttons on the remote Controllers and is an ideal accessory to enhance your gaming experience.


Hot, just wondering if think there might be any delay on using the trigger button, read on other forums that some has this 'fault'.

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Not sure how a delay would occur, as it looks like the trigger is physically connected to the Move navi controller.

Shame Sony designed a controller with a ping pong ball stuck to the end!!

there's loads of them about already! ive seen a nice one which i believe goes under the name of "battle rifle" looks good but i think its only being sold in the us

This is now available in 7dayshop - £13.95

Been out of stock for sometime
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