Logic3 Powersleeve for iPhone 4 - £13.49 @ HMV

Logic3 Powersleeve for iPhone 4 - £13.49 @ HMV

Found 20th Apr 2011
Not expecting a lot of heat but may help some; this is down from £29.99 (RRP). (Next cheapest is £17:84 on Amazon. Orange £26, three £30 etc.)
BUT in store (HMV Canary Wharf) I've seen it for £9.99 and they had quite a few on the racks.
Feel free to vote cold if you know where I can get a cheaper power pack for an iPhone 4.

£14.99 on Amazon, seems to be expired on HMV

- paz2k6



Was about to post this and then saw your post. Cracking deal. Was in Preston today and saw one of these. Picked one up. Work quite well and essentially doubles the battery life. A great little addition to a camping site or something like that. Worth a tenner just as a battery for the iphone.

Kinda mentioned it but they were also 9.99 instore at Preston. I guess this is a nationwide deal. £10 for a iphone battery

So these basically charge your phone while you're out and about? Do you have to remove the phone from any case first?

The 'sleeve' bit would hint that it acts as a case also.

great deal this is HEAT!

Comes up at full price when added to basket.

How can i get the correct price, tried everything

same here, the price goes back to £29.99 after added to the basket, anyone know whats happened?

same here 29.99 in basket

if people don't mind spending £1.50 more its here for £14.99 on amazon:


What's better, this or the new Incipio power case type thingy...

amazon doesn't work either!

Amazon just put their price up!

this one is now expired.

iPhone 4 comes with?

I got one for £9.99 in my local HMV store. Pity its **** huge (like seriously, seriously huge)

I saw it a few days ago in my local hmw. was tempted but put off with size. batt capacity is small too.

I got 1 in the local hmv, shame it scratches the phone!

batt capasity too small... ???
I thought it doubled the battery, ....

might be wrong but rememnber looking at iphone battery spec and the specs of this one , and it was more than the iphone battery ...


I got 1 in the local hmv, shame it scratches the phone!

does it mark the iphone, been using mine ... no issues ...

only issue i dont like is it leave the top half of phone uncovered kinda ..

on the bottom left of the phone (siler bezel) a line appeared and i only used it for a few hrs

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£15 each on Groupon today
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