Logik 14" LCD TV - £89.98 or less delivered [updated]

Logik 14" LCD TV - £89.98 or less delivered [updated]

Found 12th Aug 2006
Logik 14" LCD TV - £89.98 or less delivered from Dixons.co.uk

Cheap price if anyone is looking for a 14" portable TV.

Specifications: 13.3" Visible Screen Size, 1 SCART Socket, 450 cd/m2 Brightness, Contrast Ratio 450:1, 135 Degree Viewing Angle, NICAM Stereo Sound, Fastext, Parental Lock, On-Screen Display, Remote Control

Please note that this TV is a refurbished set and comes with a FULL 12 months warranty. Go through Quidco for 3.5% cashback.

Thanks to emma for the update



Good find edi ... this looks very nice, i can just visualise this in my kitchen :thumbsup:

Yes, great deal. Might get this for the mother-in-law.



[SIZE=2][SIZE=1]Wow .....your mother in law will love you CJ[/SIZE] :-D [/SIZE]

Wow, this is ideal for small rooms, bedside TV or similar! Nice it has the 12 month warranty too, even though it's refurbished

Good deal edi...

Please all remember to vote on every deal Thanks!

this set get rotten reviews


a comment within the reviews says

"Hey there, very sorry to hear you've bought a logik 14ln1, I actually work for Currys and have had numerous problems. The sounds and the picture is shocking!! These TV's are 'code 5' which basically means we will swap them over with pretty much no questions. Take it back and put a couple of quid to it and get a better one - trust me!!!!"

You should also be able to get 5% cashback if you use an Egg credit card

HEY! This has dropped to £79.99!!!

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Amazing price... cheaper than CRTs :wink:

Thanks emma for the update :thumbsup:

You can also get a set top box for £17 with this:


[COLOR=#ff0000]Please note this is a refurbished 14'' LCD TV and comes … [COLOR=#ff0000]Please note this is a refurbished 14'' LCD TV and comes with a full 12 months warranty.[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]Pick up a Freeview Digital Set Top Box for ONLY £16.99 when you buy this LCD TV (normal price £19.99) [/COLOR][COLOR=blue]- If you wish to take up on this offer, simply click on the 'BUY' button below. If you do NOT wish to take up on the offer please scroll down and UNTICK the box before clicking on the 'BUY' button[/COLOR]

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