Logik 20pack CD-R with case - £2.97

Logik 20pack CD-R with case - £2.97

Found 11th Aug 2006
LOGIK 20 pack 52x CD-R discs is £2.97 at PC-World

Available for in-store collection (limited stock) and shows in-stock in my local PCWorld, hence this post. Good price if anyone is looking for CD-R with case.

Specs: 700MB, Record once only.
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Thanks so much Edi. Just reserved mine at the Canterbury branch. There are none in Ashford and only a couple in Medway according to the website.

I can't add to your reputation because apparently I have to spread it around first. I think this is absolutely ridiculous for moderators....

Thanks again
Glad to know that you grabbed one.

The restriction on rep awarding is there for a reason - to minise abuse. Only MODs can give unlimited rep.

Its the thought that really matters. Thanks Greg :thumbsup:
But surely administrators should be able to receive unlimited rep as well as giving unlimited seeing as you all post so many deals?

I don't think that system would be abused it only seems fair...
Has anyone else got this? If so, please leave your feedback :wink:
3 reserved in Derry.
[SIZE=2]But if anything like the last time I reserved something, the muppets in my local store will be unable to find them [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]But thanks for the head ups anyway.[/SIZE]
Thanks johnny :thumbsup:

Reserved one close to my work :wink:
Picked mine up today thanks Edi. I hate going into PC World though. Watching all the clueless people paying their hugely inflated prices is painful. £15 for a USB cable. They must be joking!
Thanks Greg for the feedback, very much appreciated :thumbsup:

I was ignorant myself (once).

Paid £9.99 for 10 Philips CD-R with jewel case at PCWorld.
Paid £12.99 for a 1.5m SCART cable in Dixons

Not anymore :lol:
OMG - £1 per disc! it's experiences like yours Edi that makes me cringe. We need to educate the nation through sites like HUKD!
I agree Greg.. & the prices I mentioned above were in early 2005

I work for a Uni in London where TDK CD-R (with case) is STILL SOLD for £0.85 / disc in Union Shop. A dearly £1.65 for CD-RW. I still buy them and of course, we charge back to accounts.
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