Logik IR100 internet radio for £44.99 @ Currys!!

Logik IR100 internet radio for £44.99 @ Currys!!

Found 18th Jan 2008
Internet radio was £80.00 now reduced to £44.99 @ Currys. Some lucky people picked one up for £40.00 in September last year but this is the best price you'll find at the moment.

Use 5% off code and spend another fiver to get free delivery on the website and quidco too!

Edit: Not sure if available on website as home delivery box is greyed out but can use reserve and collect.

I've heard they're great radios... not 100% reliable but still at £45.00 a bargain for such new technology!
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Some info here and here.

Looks like these radios are being discontinued or something.
Yeah, I bought at £40. It is great machine once working but beware of this work around, if you switch off and switch on the unit Linux system will hang. You have to wait around 10 mins or so before you switch on again. It has got that dreadful transformer hum while on standby which means that it would be annoying to most people during sleep when placed in bedroom. During play it is a great box. Sounds good for a radio and the bonus is that it support Real Media format. If you are green and wants to save about £6-£8 of electricity a year , switch it off at the mains when not in use as it consumers a few watts of power in standby plus the hum!

Tip, update the firmware straight away while it is still under warranty. Some units become dead or Linux unable to boot after firmware update. Updating the firmware gives you "My Folder" where you can place your favourite radio stations into this folder (set your stations using receive.com web site where you cut enter text of the urls of the radio station). This is a great function if you have to enter the urls manually. ("Add favorites" only add when you have tuned into, so with some stations, you would not be able to tune into it by scanning).

At £45 it is still a decent buy as there is not any other choice at this price range for the same features (Pinnacle Soundbridge is same money, and I own two too, and it needs to plug into Hi-fi BUT NO REAL MEDIA SUPPORT which is a shame and it does not look anytime soon that there will be real media support - I think it is a money licensing thing with Real Media). This one is better than that one sold by Aldi.

Well worth searching IR100 for previous knowledge imparted by hotukdeals folks on various thread. I can say that 70 year old (mum) can use this IR100 once set up by a younger person (me) but access is by the 5 preset button! This is a real boom to those ex-pats living in UK.
I did some research before I bought my IR100. This is not the best such a radio but certainly not the worst. For better sound quality go for Roberts WM-201 if you want Reciva-based radio or for Soundbridge Raio if you don't.
This is also the only Reciva radio with non-official support (Sharpfin), which allows to change firmware and add some features.

As to Tevion - I had it and it was a nightmare. Build quality is very low, serious problems with Twonky, etc.
Some of IR100 suffer from annoying humming noise, which can be cured by rotating back panel (read it in Reciva forum). Newer versions are somewhat different - some have this problem, some don't. I think there was a report on Reciva that radios that came in boxes that said "power enhanced version" got no such problem, but I could be wrong.
That Roberts WM-201 is nuts of a price. My preference would be to buy an Asus eeePC 4GB for the money or a cheap celeron lapton for
Just added "My Podcast" to this radio. This is really good! Refer to this to see an example of how this is done. ]http//lo…htm:thumbsup: You will have to log onto your account on reciva.com/ to add "My Podcast" folder on your registered radio. You will also need to update to the latest firmware level too, this came out in late Jan 2008.
Take a look at Sharpfin website, there is a lot of information on how to add various features to the radio.

Take a look at Sharpfin website, there is a lot of information on how to … Take a look at Sharpfin website, there is a lot of information on how to add various features to the radio.

'Yes, thanks, I found this Sharpfin project when my IR100 was playing up. I have replaced it now with another new IR100 under guarantee. It was a problem of not booting up and I get a reversed blank screen. I thought that I would have to open up the box and use the de-bricking method! This IR100 is indeed troublesome..., right now, with my new IR100, the "My Streams" does not work and it replied with an error "Station data not loaded", but it is still the best value money and supported radio!
Do you mean the JTAG or Barracuda transfer?
hiya all, does anyone know where i can get a cheapish ir100 except ebay now, from what i've heard the price seems to have shot up:x
You can get ]MX200i from eBuyer for 43 quid (ex delivery). It is also Reciva-based, just like IR100. Or take a look at your local ALDI, their radio is using the same stuff as these two.
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